1. M

    GLE W166 tow bar and electric.

    On the lookout for a towbar for my 2015 GLE please. If you have one for sale please let me know. Cheers
  2. H

    W163 tow bar cover

    Hi, I'm looking for a pre face lift, ie smaller, tow bar cover for a W163 ML if any one can help. Searching auction site with no success. Thanks in advance
  3. Gaz74

    C32 AMG anti roll bar diameter query.

    Hi, I need new ARB bushes on the front of my car and after searching, I thought that the bar should be 22mm thick. I've just measured the one on the car and it's 20mm thick, so has it got the wrong (or a regular W203) anti roll bar in place? Can anyone confirm the thickness it should be...
  4. M

    Roll Bar box wanted 124 Cabrio

    After a water ingress problem with my original 124 cabriolet roll bar box I am looking for a working second hand unit Part 820 5826. I managed to get a 2nd hand one but it was "spiked" during a jump-start and it has not functioned properly since. Hence I need another. Grateful for any leads.
  5. R

    W126 tow bar & any parts-please

    I'm after a detacheable towbar for either my 1991 Mercedes 500 SEC or 1990 300 SEL, both are the W126 model. Anyone help on that-please? Any parts you might have let me know as these are my daily motors. Much appreciated- thank you! Contact me on 07806 391666 or [email protected]...
  6. zenman63

    ML w164 tow bar for sale

    I have a genuine tow bar neck for sale Part number A164 310 02 56 with key £50, vgc. I also have a Westfalia ML w164 tow bar with NO neck, and the one above does not fit. £50 with electric's etc.
  7. markjay

    W204 bits: Audio20 & Display, Instrument Cluster Fascia, Boot Handle Trim, Switch Bar

    These are items removed from my W204 Facelift (MY 2013) by when retrofitting various options to my car. They will eventually go on eBay, posting them here first in case any forum members need one or more of these parts. Pictures to follow....
  8. W

    Tow bar design calculations

    I want to make a tow bar and need some help with calculations to make sure I choose suitable steel profiles. The tow bar won't be for towing, but only for attaching a bicycle carrier. The current idea is as follows: 1) two pieces of channel pointing front to rear. These will have the...
  9. J

    CLS Anti Roll Bar Bushes ?

    Anyone changed them, how do you get them off ?
  10. FROGM5

    CLK W209 front anti roll bar mounts shot

    Cut long story short now driving without front anti roll bar. Remains of broken bolt stuck in both sides, local spanner monkeys cannot remove and have advised get new subframe. Anyone have any ideas/options on this???
  11. tomtoms

    Wing bar edge

    After a few emails, phone calls and deciding just to buy them my roof bars and bike rack are fitted and I'm happy to say my pano sunroof still opens. Now I just need a new bike
  12. zenman63

    ML w164 tow bar for sale

    As Above just removed of my ML63 as I never tow. The neck is missing but is otherwise complete with electrics. Looks genuine. Offers around £100
  13. S

    s204 roof bar removal

    Hi having done a search i can't seem to find out how to remove the roof rails from my 2011 c220 estate Doris blew a roof tile off my house roof that landed on my car slightly denting and chipping my roof I've just had it looked at and been quoted £280 to repair / paint the roof only , but...
  14. FROGM5

    CLK W209 320 Front anti roll bar Q&A

    Ok so I have just lost the drivers side front anti-rollbar mounting bracket on the M4. On getting back and discovering that this was the case, I jumped on to fleabay and had a look for a replacement. I purchased a complete roll bar brackets etc intending to rob one of the brackets and keep the...
  15. K

    R129 Roof and roll bar operation

    First need to post here after 5 years of largely trouble free driving of my 1999 R129 SL320. Anyway here is the problem: With the roof down I raised the rollbar to remove the wind deflector. The rollbar would not retract. Tried the hold button down to reset but to no avail. Tried to raise the...
  16. swannymere

    S124 Estate Oris Removable Tow Bar

    S124 Estate Oris Removeable Tow Bar Had this in storage for ages after getting from a member a few years ago, the main beam has some cosmetic surface rust which i've had a very quick go over with a wire brush, it would benefit from a sanding and a coat of Smoothrite etc. The outriggers are...
  17. J

    Tow bar advice on new GLE SUV

    I'm keen to get a tow bar fitted on my new GLE SUV (not coupe). I'm very confused about what I need to look out for but my requirements are very simple. I'm not looking to tow a caravan or trailer or anything like that - it will purely be used for a 4 bike rack. There seem to be so many...
  18. MikeInWimbledon

    W221 / S500 bike racks - any alternative to a tow bar?

    I would love to buy an S500, but I need to carry a bike or two, once a month. Has anyone got any suggestions of how I could do this without going to the faff of having a retractable tow bar? Someone proposed a Saris Bones, but it seems that Saris don't recommend it because of the side...
  19. M

    Mercedes ML166 tow bar with dedicated electrics - new

    I have a brand new tow bar for a mercedes ml 164 - changing car so didnt fit it. It come complete with the dedicated wiring kit as well as the tow bar with removable swan neck Due to the weight and bulkyness of the item it needs to be collected. I live near southampton so it can be...
  20. Jay2512

    Roof Bar Fail

    Not too long ago I purchased some New Mercedes roof bars for the GLC. Sunday I removed them from the roof as they have been on for a while and I wanted to wash the car. On removing the locking caps I noticed the 2x rear feet/clamps have pretty much given way with the fronts looking stressed...
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