1. grober

    Mercedes- BINZ!!

    No not a spelling mistake,:o but the name of a German coach building firm BINZ: Limousines & G model who made a series of Mercedes based vehicles ranging from delivery vans to ambulances limos and hearses! Enjoy this brief history :thumb...
  2. Comcastle

    Binz Edition Merc

    I saw this a few weeks ago in the shopping centre car park, and wondered what the hell it was at first: Turns out its a Binz Edition of the Mercedes. Gives it a much bigger load area and a bit of extra leg room I think. I've never seen one before, are they common on the Continent?
  3. R

    Hullo all, New crumbly old binz owner :)

    Hello every one, I brought a 1990 300ce a bit back and have looked in on your forum for advice on bits and bobs. It’s a great pleasure to look at every ones photos ect. There are some really great classic MB out there and it’s great to seeing photos from people who love their cars. I am in need...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Binz Xtend E-Klasse Estate

    Binz Xtend E-Klasse Estate At last year's Essen Motor Show in December, European coach-builder Binz announced it started production of the Binz Xtend E-Klasse conversion. Now we can show you a full set of images of the production-ready model. The most obvious change brought by the...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    W212 E-Class 6-door Stretch Limo By BINZ

    Mercedes E-Class W212 6-door stretch limousine by BINZ Famed limousine manufacturer Binz has given a special treatment to the W212 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The car was stretched by 1.13 meters to almost six-meters in length, providing enough room for an extra set of doors and seats. The...
  6. timskemp

    Drifting a Binz...

    Autocar vid.
  7. Sp!ke


    Saw one of these going through slough yesterday.... some interesting vehicles these people make. I wonder if they do crash repairs on mercs too. or for the really interesting link
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