1. C

    W203 Bi-Xenons no longer self levelling and too high

    Hi there, my factory-fit Bi-Xenon headlights have BOTH stopped auto-levelling at startup and are aiming too high, making me really popular with oncoming traffic :o They also appear to flicker (not on and off) but more as if they're bouncing at the top limit. I did have some recent work done on...
  2. andy_cyp

    Brighter BIX

    Hi all, ide like to add brighter bulbs to my bix's, but since i have no clue what bulbs i have i havent got the fogiest as what to upgrade too. Car is a w203 02/C32 AMG I'de like something a little brighter than what i already have but nothing ott that would melt the h/lamp lenses...
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