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May 22, 2005
Thinking of what to get next
Hi all,

ide like to add brighter bulbs to my bix's, but since i have no clue what bulbs i have i havent got the fogiest as what to upgrade too.

Car is a w203 02/C32 AMG

I'de like something a little brighter than what i already have but nothing ott that would melt the h/lamp lenses.

All suggestions/advise/comments welcome.

Thank you
There are blue (ish) tint bulbs availavle that look brighter but vision is no where near as good as the OEMs - I have seen thrreads based on this on a US forum and they have the bulb specs etc. I will try and find the link. Personally, for teh sake of cosmetcs I would keep the OEMs.
Alps said:
go to, should have all the info you require!
The best info on their whole site can be found on the first page:
Customers who enter and purchase from the website agree to these conditions and understand that products are only for OEM replacement and are not intended or allowed for use on public highways
thats always the case! Aftermarket xenon kits are not legal!

The FAQ is useful for beginners, and ive found the forum useful for some bits in the past when I was setting up the xenons on mine.

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