1. N

    Bogus Service books stamped to order.

    Looking at his feedback & Other Items this bloke has a thriving cottage industry in manufacturing bogus service books for many different marques, MB included. How can ebay let this continue...
  2. N

    Bogus Service Book stamped to order.

    Isn't this just plain criminal? "This service book is designed for replacement purposes only due to loss or misplacement of the original book" Right. He's also selling other marques' books in his other listings...
  3. Satch

    Bogus motor insurance company: H&O Insure Limited

    LONDON (Citywire) - The Financial Services Authority is warning consumers about a company called 'H&O Insure Limited' which it believes is offering invalid motor insurance policies to the general public. "Policies issued under this name have come to light in the Birmingham area, but the...
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