1. A

    engine oil dipstick bone dry

    Just checked the engine oil on the dipstick as I had thought I had the electronic indication appears I don't have this function, upon checking the engine oil levels on the dipstick it is bone dry! :eek: Whats the difference in litres between min and max Should I be worried??? clk 200 coupe...
  2. balge

    Left, right

    Hi bone question but - I need a window regulator, for the drivers side (UK rhd car). Do I need a 'right' or a 'left'? Is it left and right from sitting in the car or standing in front looking at it? Window Regulator | Window Winders | Quality Car Parts cheers
  3. st13phil

    Bone Church

    While on a business trip to the Czech Republic recently, our hosts took us to see the Kostice Ossuary Beinhaus at Kutna Hora, commonly known as the "Bone Church". I thought I'd share a couple of pictures (apologies for the quality - they're phone pics) of this quite extraordinary place where the...
  4. nick mercedes

    bradford rag and bone men

    Went to Bradford today, in a very short space of time saw 3 lots of pikeys with horses and carts collecting scrap, and noticed loads of ponies on verges etc. What's that all about then? Not enough stolen new Transit tippers to go around?
  5. crockers

    Americans - like a dog with a bone...

    Had this sent to me ......
  6. S

    Will these fit and does anyone want some 18" bone shakers

    Hi all, I have a 2005 350clk. It has 18" wheels with 7.5j(225) on the front and 8.5j(255) on the rear. The wheels look great with continental tyres but the ride is very noisy and uncomfortable. Every bump in the road is amplified thru the car and where I live there are more bumps than road...
  7. bigbenz260

    Another Bone Question!

    AY UP! Im probably gonna sound proper stoopid now but can anybody tell me where to find my engine number? ive been looking but i obviously havent been loooking in the right place :rolleyes: cheers.
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