1. F

    Mercedes or AMG books

    Looking for good Mercedes and AMG books - Any suggestions? Can be both road car or Motorsport related.
  2. D

    Do you read books?

    It's occurred to me over time that I read books a lot less than I used to and I think that the reason is the internet. I still read a lot but spend more time online than actually with my nose in a good book and I'm not sure that it's any good for me, I was reading a book recently and thought...
  3. D

    Audio Books - Recommendations

    Hey Guys - I mentioned audio books a few months back on another thread and a few of you expressed an interest in discussing further. So here we are. I've been listening to audio books in CD format and from, for some years now and they've transformed my reading experience. Choose...
  4. M

    Various W124 books - for FREE!

    Had a clear-out and found some books from whan I had a W124. Can't be bothered with Ebaying, so these are all free - just cover the cost of postage: Only one condition: you own the relevant car. :) 1) Owner's Manual for W124 200E/220E/280E/320E/400E/500E/220CE/320CE/300E 4Matic. OK condition...
  5. grober

    Cooking the Books?

    The EEC have produced a report detailing how various car manufacturers "improve" their emission figures. :rolleyes: Full report here. and a good summary here Questions raised over car makers' emissions tests...
  6. CraigRoyK

    ML W163 jack/tools, books, cd changer, etc

    Hi all, Looking for bits missing from the new purchase, in order of importance/priority. Jack and tools. Probably the only really critical piece of kit ( I know I could get this direct from MB, but trying to save some cash). Vimeeo MBU1000 Set of books. The vehicle is a 2001 facelift...
  7. kusanku

    MB service history - no more books to stamp?

    We picked up my wife's A-class yesterday, purchased from MB Weston-Super-Mare. Being used to buying older vehicles, where you expect to check everything with a fine-tooth comb, I was applying the same strategy to the documentation here. Everything was in order, but a got a bit of a surprise when...
  8. whizzkid11

    CLEAROUT: Various Books

    Having a clearout, here are a few good books belonging to the wife: 'Daddy's little girl' (Based on a true story) - Julia Latchem-Smith (£5 delivered) 'Memoirs Of A Geisha' - Arthur Golden (£3.50 delivered) 'Talking WIth Serial Killers' (True Crime book) - Christopher Berry-Dee...
  9. B

    Service books no longer issued?

    I was told by a MB main dealer that cars produced after 2008 no longer have service books issued and that it is all done on computer records now, is this true? has anybody been issued a service book on a new car? If this is the case then it seems MB are trying to keep cars within the main...
  10. M

    Streetview for books...

    Prague, Czech Republic, March 28, 2011 - A newly published photo of the ancient Philosophical Library at Strahov Monastery takes the crown as the largest interior photo in the world. The image of Strahov Philosophical Library, at, has a total resolution of 40 gigapixels, or...
  11. E CLASS

    15 war books - £22 + postage

    All excellent reads...great for a long summer holiday... Chris Ryan: - The Kremlin Device - The Increment - The Watchman - Blackout - Greed - Ultimate Weapon Andy McNab: - Liberation Day - Firewall (not the signed copy) - Deep Black - Last Light - Crisis Four Nick Richardson: - No Escpae...
  12. ozzyboy

    digital service history books

    hi,never heard of these until now. what are they? how do they work? can anyone shed some light on the subject
  13. J

    w129 hand books

    Can anyone help I have a w129, 1997 year, and I need a set of hand books. Regards Johnnie [email protected]
  14. A

    net books

    thinking about getting a net book would appreciate any advice thanks in advance alfie07
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Anyone know anything about vintage Comic Books?

    I have a 1960 copy of "Into space with ace brave" pop-up book in very good condition. I was given it as a child and have kept it for years. After a Google search I have managed to find some pictures of it, but have no idea of value. Picture here: According to the book, we are living...
  16. LoTu5

    C200 Service Books and advice.

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum having just purchased a 1994 Mercedes C200 over the weekend as a runaround. The car is very clean having had only one owner and has FSH with 117,000 miles on the clock. You certainly get a lot of car for the money. I am a DIY mechanic and service all my cars myself...
  17. B

    Mercedes books

    Found these at the back of the cupboard. 128 pages(B&W with some colour pics) hardback.Chapters on S, SE, and SEL. The SEC's, 190's W124's, G-Wagens, production figures, technical data etc. 81 pages (B&W) of roadtests of merc saloons including W123, W124, W201 and W202 at the end...
  18. C

    Cheap Motor Books! Quick delivery

    I ordered a couple of days ago the Mercedes W124 manual - Ive seen this go £25 incl postage on Amazon/Ebay and here I got it for £15.68 incl Delivery. Also they take paypal which makes ordering easy. There are four pages of Mercedes books and Manuals, and they do...
  19. N

    Bogus Service books stamped to order.

    Looking at his feedback & Other Items this bloke has a thriving cottage industry in manufacturing bogus service books for many different marques, MB included. How can ebay let this continue...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    C-Class books - Check the question

    Check this Link nothing wrong with it, read the question though: Wow! 18 watchers, Nearly blank service book £50 if you end it early! - Looking for around £100 :rolleyes:
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