1. Gollom

    French booze run!

    If anybody from 'oop North (or even Midlands) is planning a trip or booze run to France could you let me know? There is a particular tipple that SuzyCute is most partial to (Pineau Charentes) so 2 or 3 cases would be most excellent ;) Wine etc. I can get here, but Pineau is rare and way too...
  2. Satch

    Bailiffs impounded £60,000 of booze from a Tesco store

    The supermarket had failed to pay damages to a bloke who filled his Sprinter with Tesco diesel which was contaminated with water in 2003. £3,400 repair bill. Tesco admitted liability but only prepared to pay 25% so he sued Tesco for the full cost of the bill. Court hearing in December, where...
  3. B

    No Internet Booze and there I was thinking of setting up a little business.
  4. kikkthecat

    Booze cruise

    Here's a good site for all you booze cruisers, links to all the shops, price surveys, customs & excise and general information for a shopping trip.
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