1. ash59fifty-uk

    M1 breakdowns

    20 mins into my journey down the from London and have already counted 22 breakdowns, 18 recovery trucks This isn't including the massive traffic jam which I've just hit on there Bad fuel maybe? Unusual amount of breakdowns in such a little distance :eek:
  2. ItalianTuneUp

    Biofuel suspected in probe into diesel breakdowns Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere here before, couldn't see anything from a quick look.
  3. P

    New E Class breakdowns

    I drove down from Cumbria to Portsmouth and back again this week. I saw two broken down new E class's. One (an E Class Coupe) on the hard shoulder of the M6 attended by breakdown truck, and another (E Class saloon) on the back of a breakdown truck en route to a dealer presumably. Not a good...
  4. culpano

    Merc now out of warranty - is it still covered for breakdowns ?

    or do I need to sign up with RAC, Green Flag, AA etc ?
  5. R


    Have you ever been let down by your Mercedes other than for a puncture. We are talking, complete non starters or mechanical/electrical failure causing you to be immobilised. If you have how old was the car when it let you down. C180 1997 model owned 3 years travelled 33000 miles no...
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