1. RichardF

    MB breakers Midlands/Warwickshire

    Looking for a few bits for an R129 SL. Anyone know of a localish (to me) Breakers?
  2. M


    Does anyone know of any MB breakers in the west midlands area? I am looking for a replacement front towing eye cover for my 2001 clk. Its like hens teeth trying to find one. Unless i want to pay nearly £50 for one.
  3. T

    Any vito 639 breakers?

    After a complete fuse box for my 2004 109 A639 545 0101
  4. dddooommm

    ANYONE know any CLC mercedes breakers? Parts front end grill grille

    MBCLUB- Evening all Does anyone know of someone breaking a CLC ? I need the front grill. I'm surprised there is no aftermarket/used ones on eBay! Normally I would cut / neatly chop a w204 c class grill in there to fit perfectly But it's not my car to play with. :/ I often use my...
  5. liljames

    Mercedes breakers northampton area ?

    Hi guys does anyone know of any Mercedes breakers round the Northampton area ? I'm after quite a few bits for my 129 Thanks ddc4d
  6. Benplym

    Decent breakers..... Door needed

    Am having no joy whatsoever in sourcing a door for my w164 ml. I was going to have it repaired but after a ton of sprayers giving me ridiculous quotes, a decent one refused to do it due to the "ripples" in the "flexible" part. Nice to find an honest guy for once. I am left with needing a door...
  7. shaze30

    R129 breakers

    Any r129 breakers Need some parts Any recommendations?
  8. bob6600

    One for the breakers?

    This has got to be the cheapest facelift around. Parts would sell for alot more than the asking price Mercedes-Benz E Class E320 CDi Elegance 4dr Tip Auto 3.2
  9. jaymanek or Morgana Management the Breakers

    Dear All, Just wanted to post a thread to avoid future confusion. Our company is of course Mercland Ltd and we own the name In the past we have had lots of confusion over another company called Morgana Management who used to specialise in breaking Mercedes and selling...
  10. ex4x4

    recommend merc' breakers

    Hiya folks - can anybody recommend a Merc' breakers in the uk. Im after a '56 CLS rear near side rear light assembly, after some kind sole side swiped my car outside my house and made off! I've searched online dealers but all seem to want all your personnel details first - then a chosen dealer...
  11. tonyc280

    Mercedes breakers in Leicestershire or midlands

    Any ideas chappies of any Merc breakers in the above area. Cheers and thanks, Tony.
  12. Grey Area

    Any Mercedes breakers in Norfolk/Suffolk?

    Could anyone recommend, or does anyone know of, an MB breakers in the East Anglia region? The nearer to Norwich the better really, but I can travel. Or is anyone on the forum breaking a W202 nearby? I'm in need of a windscreen wiper motor and a new one from Mercedes is, quite frankly...
  13. J

    Recommended mercedes breakers for allow rims

    In am looking for a pair of AMG 7.5J alloy rims for 2001 CLK 320. Tyres are 225/45/17 Can anybody recommend good breakers that might stock, or is it just a search on the web? I am in Devon (Plymouth)
  14. mario2857

    Mercedes Breakers

    Hi all I live in Maidstone, Kent. Does anyone know of Mercedes breaker in or around the area? I am happy to travel a bit, tried to find one this morning with direction from a friend of a friend. I was told it was on the Essex side of the Dartford tunnel on the A13. So any ideas would be welcome...
  15. W

    Any Breakers close to wolverhampton

    Im after a few bits for my 1999 w202 sport like drivers side sill cover .I triedebay but nothing on there .
  16. M

    Mercedes Breakers

    I need a few interior trim items, does anyone know of any good merc breakers that I could use. I have tried a feew on e bay but no luck. Thanks.
  17. slippy

    Any good breakers for SLK parts?

    Hi, Im gradually getting through my "to-do" list on my latest project but I cant find a breaker that has stock of some little bits at reasonable prices. Anyone know a decent source? Its a 1997 SLK 230k I could do with the rubber dimples from the steel sill trim but I expect they cant be...
  18. tasn1

    Any breakers in the forum?

    HI GUYS I need a "gear selector modulator" part number 1292604698 as Im stuck on limp mode first gear! Please help!
  19. grober

    Off to the breakers yard.

    Sad when an old vehicle with a few million miles on the clock goes to the breaker's yard. :( Decommissioning the Space Shuttles - In Focus - The Atlantic PS Some stunning pics by the way.
  20. C

    Not ebay but breakers

    Anyone interested, several very good selection of MBs seen today at Wokingham breakers. Called just A1 i think. Several c classes old & new, clc coupes, a W209 clk, (fantastic black leather interior) an sl, and As anBs Loo Hire | Portable Toilet Hire haha nice link :wallbash::rock:
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