1. ItalianTuneUp

    Anyone finding CoPilot Satnav software buggy?

    I'm using the 'facelift' version of the popular CoPilot satnav software on an Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S2), and after using this updated version for the last couple of months I have been appalled at how buggy it seems to be. The previous version was quite stable but this newer version...
  2. R

    S204 electric boot stuck closed - help buggy stuck in car on holiday

    Hi all. Firstly, as you can see this is my first post and I really hope someone can help us. Anyways here's the story so far. After arriving on holiday yesterday evening I came out to the car this morning to get the pram out of the boot of our car, however all I was greeted with is the...
  3. marty359

    Power kite and buggy.

    I thought id try this on here before I let the morons on ebay have a bid Peter Lynn 3 metre hornet traction kite and a Radsail kite buggy. The kites a 4 line power kite thats in excellent condition,no rips or tears and the bag still looks brand new.Nice kite with plenty of grunt to pull...
  4. sym

    C200-T Elegance AMG Wheels - (Dune Buggy Special Edition!)

    Here we go . . . . all fitted, and decided to keep the SLK centre caps which I think look pretty good with the AMG wheels Very pleased with Service received from etyres.co.uk who did the whole thing on my drive in about 30 minutes, including fitting tyres, balancing with stick on weights, and...
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