1. R

    Sad times - byebye Stormtrooper

    It's with a heavy heart that I have decided it's time to think seriously about letting my CLS63 SB go and to replace it with something a bit more down to earth for everyday use. The car has been absolutely fantastic to own over the past 18months and has made me smile every single time I have...
  2. The _Don

    Bye-bye amg sls: Pistonheads blog.
  3. M

    Time to say bye-bye to Mercedes...

    Exit: C350 CDI Sport Estate - Tenorite Grey/Alpaca grey Enter: Volvo XC60 SE Lux Premium D5 AWD - Black Saphire/Soft beige! After more than eight years in Mercedes cars (before that, 12 years in Beemers), I am breaking new ground for me by trading in my C350 for an XC60...Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek...
  4. S

    Byebye crappy chrome

    Bought this the other day, totally standard barring some awful headlamp eyebrows, and thankfully being a Sport it didn't have much in the way of tacky chrome/wood/etc, but there was still a few shiny bits I didnt like. So today, as well as a service and re-blacking some of the faded black...
  5. splang

    Byebye Weston Pier!

    Pier in flames can see all the smoke from my house so I cycled down this morning to rubberneck! Wow! Biggest fire I've ever seen. Shame though - I had a barbecue last night - hope the sparks didn't set it off:p Seriously though - I know that where the pier fire started is the little...
  6. portzy

    Bye-Bye (hopefully!) Mr Nicotine

    Well, after nearly thirty five years af being addicted I have finally decided to pack it all in, smoking that is, not Mercedes Benz. For a good few months I have started to notice that I am not what I used to be health wise and, just as bad, my taste has practically dissapeared. Amongst...
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