1. RyanMuller

    How many litres of oil c32amg?

    Hello all, As you are probably aware the c32 has no dip stick. I have a free ramp I can use tomorrow and was wondering what the correct amount of oil was. Or I guess I could just ring Mercedes tomorrow. Thanks Ryan
  2. Steve320


    http://tnydu.biz/DOpfFP Hi Everyone, Not sure whether the link will work, apologies if not, but as it looks like a couple of years of working all over the place is coming to an end, and I'll be more permanently based at HQ here in Dubai, I'm looking to buy a car (Mercedes of course!) and found...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Silver C32AMG on M40 coming up to the Chilterns going south

    If the nice driver with the beard who wound down his window, gave me a huge grin and thumbs up when I passed you in my SM on my way back home today, is a member of this board, you can have a trip any time! Real petrolheads love cars and real exhibitionists love attention!
  4. BenzedUP

    C32AMG EvoSport headers

    W203 Evosport C240 C320 C32 Sports Headers W203 Evosport C240 C320 C32 Sports Headers [EVO.EXH.M03.H02] - £947.08 : CKS Performance Are these any good? what do you guys think? Looking at around 25bhp gains.
  5. BenzedUP

    2004 c32amg

    Recently sold my 320 and bought a C32, which has the Quaife LSD , the thing is amazing to drive, it's so damn quick that's what got me... Had no issues beating my friends Remaped 382bhp E55AMG and a 2006 911 Carrera, Think it's even quicker than my 400bhp C55AMG. Not sure if it's standard...
  6. c32andy

    c32amg problem

    hi ive owned my c32 for 3yrs i luv it but its cost me a fortune, recently the headgaskets were done and now its losing water and the mechanic still doesnt know why can any one help...theres no visable leaks
  7. N

    Tuning a high mileage C32AMG

    My C32AMG with 99,000 miles has recently been given a clean bill of health by the local Merc dealer. As I got this car for a cracking price, I'm thinking about purchasing the evosport power pack 2. Has anyone had any experiance of evosport products and am I mad to tune a high mileage car?
  8. Matt32AMG

    C32AMG Brake Calipers on an SLK32AMG?

    Has anyone swapped or fitted the AMG brake callipers off a C32 and put them on the SLK32? Or is this just one big headache? :( Any Ideas of cost? It's just that they look so much nicer than the brakes fitted as standard on the SLK32AMG as the calipers fitted are a direct lift off an E-class...
  9. R

    Are there Any Faults With The C32amg

    I'm planning on getting a new used car i wondering what you guys think to the C32 AMG (2002) and if any of you know if there are any common faults linked with them i read up lots about and to me its sounds great. :bannana: Thanks -ross
  10. B

    C32amg / Clk500

    Evening all, Just wondered if anyone could help with any info on running or living with either a C32 AMG or a CLK500? I'm trying to decide between them (and I must admit, possibly a car from the dark side, the BMW M3:o ) Any feedback anyone can offer on pro's and con's of any of these...
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