1. poormansporsche

    Any tips for blowing in with rattle cans ?

    alright peeps, on my rear arch, ive rust treated, primered and painted and compounded so its nice and smooth but just need to blow over the edge of the lip a bit and laquer. I was thinking of shoving shed loads of wax beforehand on the bits that will get overspray and then compound off ? any...
  2. W

    dangers of refilling petrol cans

    Copied from PistonHeads forum:
  3. EDZ649

    Vintage 2 Gallon Fuel Cans

    Does anyone know anything about the old 2 gallon fuel cans and in particular what colours they would have been originally? I have a 1937 Shell Aviation Spirit Can, that I have just had bead blasted and I want to re-paint it as it would have been. I have been told that it may have been painted...
  4. K

    Finding cans of spray paint

    I bought my car about 8 months ago, and the bodywork was supposed to have just been done, now I am finding the bottom of the doors are rusting and would like to treat and paint it before it really gets bad. Where can I buy spray paint which matches the code 693 travertine beige*? Looked on the...
  5. Q

    W124 paint codes - are Halfords cans OK

    I need to paint the horizontal section of the bumper on my 94 E220 estate. The paint code on the engine plate is 744 which is Brilliant silver. Halfords sell a spray can of Mercedes Brilliant Silver, is this any good or best avoided? I don't think my car is two tone (don't laugh!), its...
  6. M

    Halfords paint spray cans

    Are these any good or should I buy a can from the Dealership? I'm after brilliant silver (9744) for my W202. I was thinking that as my W202 is nearly 10 years old, a genuine paint from MB wont actually match my car anymore as the existing paintwork will have faded. Therefore, I was thinking...
  7. Jukie

    Emergency fuel cans

    Anyone have one? Anyone had cause to use/need one?
  8. GrahamC230K

    OT: Hello Campers - Water Jerry Cans for Sale

    Another off topic sale, but I NEED money! 2 x 35 Litre Water Cannisters They're on EBAY, but I am happy to negotiate privatley if anyone is interested. I note we have a few campers/caravaners on...
  9. BaldGuy

    Jerry Cans

    I know its an odd one but I have 4 x 5 gallon ex-army Jerry cans sat in my garage doing jack, does anyone want them for a fiver each?? They all have perfect seals on them and I used them for fuel I can bring them to the GTG should anyone need one....
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