1. zoros

    Caption query

    Took the Hammer for a long spin today. 95 miles each way. Motorway. One way, conditions dry, all OK. Return, light rain for some of the journey. Caption: RED "Stop the car: Oil level too high: remove some oil". :wallbash: Obviously I ignored it and after about a minute it went away. This...
  2. N

    Love the caption on the photo

    Man accused of trying to have sex with sheep next to Tottenham Hotspur's training ground appears in court | News homepage
  3. timskemp

    Caption Competition

    Wittiest, clean and family friendly comment gets to (a) be the caption for this photo on my facebook album and (b) not much else...
  4. corned

    Caption Competition

    Being as it's Friday, and I've had one hell of a week, I think it's time to lighten up a little. Another forum I visit has a long-running thread which keeps everyone entertained. Let's see how long MB Club can keep this one going. Rules are simple: A photograph is posted, and whoever posted...
  5. mercmanuk

    write a caption

    what is the guy saying!
  6. Ian B Walker

    Add your own caption.

    Brain (Lastminute) has been assisting me in a 190 2.6 to 300-24 conversion. The wiring is being done very professionally (by Brain I hasten to add) but this pic made me chuckle. My caption :- Brian, all I asked was check the fuses :eek:
  7. GazCaff

    Caption Competition

    Comments please! :D Joking aside, Ian did a smashing job for me today. If you only do one thing for your Merc, let this guy look after it!
  8. scumbag

    Caption Competition

    Thought this picture could make a good light hearted caption thread?
  9. glojo

    Caption Competition

    This is the latest picture doing the rounds. Can we think of a suitable caption?
  10. Guy

    Caption Competition

    Fancy having a go at writing the best original caption, or even guessing the correct caption [ie the DaimlerChrysler caption] to accompany this picture? - Nothing too crude :) :cool:
  11. classicsl

    caption competition

    first one.... second one....
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