1. fab1975

    Audi carnage in Milton Keynes

    As a former Audi driver, news like this are still very difficult for me to digest: Twenty cars plunge through Milton Keynes Audi dealership in roof collapse - Telegraph R.I.P.
  2. Charles Morgan


    I had a long day today collecting and moving antiques. On the first leg of my trip (M25 down to Kent and back) first thing this morning, I passed three rear end shunts, and one minor accident. 4 hours to travel 130 miles and some seriously rubbish driving witnessed. Then I drove up to Wales...
  3. flango

    Carnage on M62 West Yorkshire

    Was out early this morning and went up from Doncaster to the M62 interchange at Ferrybridge and then headed West on the M62. From the A1 at Redhouse to Junction 26 of the M62 at Bradford there were 13 accidents (unlucky for some & yes I counted them) the emergency services were flying about like...
  4. GRAV888

    Utter Carnage !!!!!!!!

    Think this should be in here, as is sort of to do with bodywork. What a mess :eek: Click me, then scroll down.
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