1. Richard W

    Help...?? Snow chains?

    Help...?? Snow chains? - UPDATED Hi Folks, Due to some bad planning on my part (and being tight waiting for some on eBay!) I find myself looking rather desperately for some chains to fit 225/50/16 wheels/tyres. Has anyone got any and would they be prepared to lend/rent/sell them to me in...
  2. Brian WH

    Snow Chains

    In view of the "Early Snow" this winter and the "Predicted Bad Winter". I am seriously thinking of buying some Snow Chains. :( I know that there has been some discussion in the past about this, but not conclusive enough either way so far. So I am still not sure whether to buy or not...
  3. T

    Snow chains - G-wagen (military spec) 7.50 R 16

    Bought these in Istanbul in 1996 for a substantial fistful of dollars, and used for 20 miles. Since then they have been stored in various dry sheds: Details: - 1 pair for 7.50 * 16 tyres - Galvanised all-steel construction - They have HUGE lugs to bit into ice, snow - pictures...
  4. Richard W

    Snow chains - anyone know legality in France?

    Hi Folks, Anyone know about the legal requirement for carrying/using snow chains in France? AFAIK the headlamp thingys and GB stickers are only required by law if your staying over 30 days...... (but you do have to carry a spare bulb kit) I'm off skiing in March and don't want to be...
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