1. ringway

    In the Psychiatrist's Chair.

    These Radio 4 programmes are interesting, but unfortunately not always available as listen again. Comedian Les Dawson's earnest and open interview with Dr Anthony Clare recorded the week before his death in 1993. Some lovely one-liners and an interesting outlook on life. LINK. BBC Radio 4...
  2. MissyD

    [SOLD] For Sale - Kansas Executive Office Chair

    A hard wearing, leather look polyurethane executive chair with a high back, adjustable tension control and tilt mechanism. Leather look polyurethane seat and back Padded arms for extra comfort Attractive stitching detail Pronounced lumbar support Deep foam cushioning for...
  3. jaymanek

    Cannot Find a Fully Reclining Office Chair

    Hi All, My dad has been unwell recently but insists on coming to work... Dont blame him its boring at home! Anyway looking for an office type chair that fully reclines all the way with foot support so he can have a snooze as and when he needs. Cannot find such a chair anywhere! Any...
  4. proser

    Office Chair

    Due to a change of jobs, I will be working from home a lot more. I have a bog standard leather faced chair but it's not very adjustable and therefore gets uncomfortable over long periods. Looking for recommendations for a chair that is fully adjustable, comfortable and no more than £200 (£250...
  5. Gollom

    Solartronic Heated Massage Chair

    Solartronic Reclining Heated Massage Chair Bought for Suzy Cute over a year ago and I think she has used it twice and we want to rearrange living room! Hence selling for £50 - collection from M6 J31a. Great idea for kicking back with a good book and a glass of red! (You listening...
  6. jaymanek

    Reclining Office Chair for Determined old man?

    Hi, My dad has not been too well recently but insists on helping out at work, however he quite often falls asleep at his desk due to his medication. So i want a good comfortable office chair for him that can be reclined at the touch of a button. Also it cant be too bulky as our offices are...
  7. Godot

    Germany: Office Chair Race 16th April 2011

    PfLH1aoesdk:crazy::eek: Could it catch on here ?
  8. Dryce

    Fell of my chair

    Advert in the Sunday Times for Ford Focus and Fiesta. Claimed list price on a Focus 1.6 with only 100ps, alloys, and A/C? How much ?.................. £ 1 8 6 9 5 That's a obviously a setup for a whopping 'discount' down to 11K ish if you take their credit or £11.5K ish if paying cash. Or...
  9. Koolvin

    Baby High Chair - £30

    Features :- Foldable Padded Head rest Fully adjustable straps in lots and lots of positions to provide granularity Reclining chair in multiple positions Fully height adjustable Strong aluminium but lightweight Rubber feet Universal colour Adjustable tray (forwards and backwards) Removable...
  10. D

    C class Push chair problems

    Hi Guys i have a 2008 C class which of you out there have kids and have to put a pushchair in the car. because when i look im not sure which will fit and i have even contemplated selling the car :dk: please help
  11. M

    Chair Electrics have stopped working...

    ... after giving the car a thorough interior clean... Will I have just unplugged a cable...? Where do I start looking...? :o
  12. R

    Herman Miller Aeron chair

    Anyone got one of these, and are they as wonderful as the company would have you believe?
  13. SEM

    Office Chair (Wanted)

    Ok so it's late Friday night, but i need some opinion on a new office chair. As i work loooooooooooong long hours sitting at my pc because of my job. I need/looking for a new office chair that everone will say, that is so comfy you should buy X?. Leather/fabric i dont know? I have a fabric semi...
  14. W

    Anybody want a new leather office chair?

    I don't know if this would interest anybody, but somebody pointed this out to me! I thought I would share it. :) £300 leather office chair on offer at £44.99 ;) Cheers, Will
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