1. 219

    Dave's a busy chap !

    I , too , know someone called Dave . Where Dave works , things have been on a downward spiral lately , due to funding cuts , and new managers have been brought in to make economies . This has resulted in Dave's workplace no longer being the happy place it once was , and for the first time...
  2. Red C220

    Keith Floyd - top chap

    More characters like this please on TV. BBC Two - Too Much TV, Trail Blazers: Keith Floyd
  3. T

    New Chap, Wiltshire.

    Hello Everybody. I own a Vito... Now for the good news....!! Naa, just joking, kind of. Had it a couple of years now, it's the first of the rounder shaped models, on a 53 plate. Never new a Merc would rust so bad. Found this place while searching for a tailgate. I found the interesting...
  4. Vilus

    Possible cheap E55k project for a Yorkshire chap?

    Spotted this just now. Short three day auction and will be interesting to see what it makes? Too far away for me unfortunately. 2003-53 MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO damaged/repairable HPI CLEAR px swop | eBay
  5. E

    New chap logging in

    Please to meet all you M-B people. Didn't even realise there was a forum that celebrated all things Merc. Glad I've found it and I'm never afraid to ask a question if I don't know the answer! Forgot: I drive a black E270 CDI Estate, 2004 plate and It's a smooth beauty.Please to meet you all...
  6. D

    New Chap Hants

    Hi benzaliers New member here in hants (waterlooville) just brought my first merc a c230k. I am also a volvo owner and active on volvo forums, and know exactly how much of an asset they can be. Is there any issues i should be aware of with the c230k, i saw they have a few electrical...
  7. S

    Luck escape, the chap walked

    Shelsley Walsh Caterham crash - Talk Photography
  8. Godot

    The 6th Annual Chap Olympiad 2010 in pictures

    The 6th Annual Chap Olympiad 2010 in pictures The 6th Annual Chap Olympiad 2010 in pictures - Telegraph :thumb:
  9. I

    Rose Chap

    Clear your box.....:)
  10. pammy

    Happy Birthday Rose Chap

    Phew - just caught it!!!! SO sorry chuck - been a bit pre-occupied of late :o Hope you've had a lovely lovely day :bannana: :bannana:
  11. R

    For Sale: Rose Chap's CLK 230 Kompressor Avantgarde Designo

    NO LONGER FOR SALE I'm reluctantly selling my very well specced late 2000 CLK 230 Kompressor Avantgarde on an X plate. Pictures can be seen here. 130,000 miles 8 months tax remaining 8 months MOT remainingIts a rare Designo...
  12. Carrotchomper

    Lucky chap... Who says old cars aren't safe?

  13. jaymanek

    Chap has paid for car, not collected, what to do!

    Hi All, Need a bit of advise... I sold an E300 on ebay in november 2006.. the winning bidder was from iceland... he transferred the money over within a week... I made it clear to him that he would have to collect within time specified, i.e a week... He turned up to view the car a few...
  14. pammy

    Happy Birthday Rose Chap

    :bannana: :bannana: Have a great day m8:bannana: :bannana: The big 30 :crazy:
  15. P

    The Word "Chap"

    Anyone hear about the homosexual eskimo who put his bare bum out of his iglooo and caught a "chap"...anyone else understand the meaning of the word "chap" ..........:)
  16. S

    Happy Birthday Rose Chap

    :bannana: Have a great day :bannana:
  17. B

    New chap here!

    Greetings gents (and ladies) I've just joined the forum and thought I'd make a quick post to say hello and ask a very silly question! I've just bought a rather battered 1988 420 SEL and am collecting tomorrow: Silly question 1) Will it run on regular unleaded? Silly question 2) Any...
  18. guydewdney

    George Fraser is a lovely chap...

    long stor short - bought my CL 18 odd months ago. within a few months the gearbox let go. had it fixed under warrenty (ish) - cos me 2 - 300 quid. recently it has decided to go pop again - different problem, I took it back - and - true to his reputation / word he has just )as of...
  19. PeterG


    I would like to put down a few lines of praise about one of our new members TonyM. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony on Sunday as he was disposing of his SL hard top lifter {advertised in the classified section}. Not for money as some of may think but in exchange for a few bottles of grape...
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