1. C

    Star machine Cheltenham

    Long shot I know, but just wondered on the off chance that someone might have half an hour or so of time to wonder over to my poorly W210 in Cheltenham. I can provide fuel money and tea/coffee in exchange for plugging in your puter. unfortunately it's not the 16pin OBD2 and needs the 38pin...
  2. R

    Cheltenham HH Festival

    Just to ask if anyone else here religiously follows this event, it's forth coming shortly, and in the world of horseracing it's a major premier event. My own feeling here is that the Irish will have a superior team over the UK based stables, this said whilst I have no great tips for the 4...
  3. C

    Cheltenham Gloucester get together

    Hi I have searched forum and cannot find any associated threads re arranging a Cheltenham Gloucester and surroumding areas meet up. I have attended both Westfield and GT40 local club meetings and am willing to arrange something in the area if anyone is interested, It would be an informal...
  4. Mercedes-2010

    Cheltenham MB Indie

    I hate being away from home and having a car problem, here at home I have contacts in most fields, it's just that feeling that you're going to be taken for a ride. :dk: Well! Not in Cheltenham! ;) My C-Class was going into limp, not much fun when towing a caravan! So we ambled from St David's...
  5. R

    anyone else watching the cheltenham racing

    As title, anyone here with interest to watching the Cheltenham racing. My thoughts were it was a good day' s racing today. My main selection today, lost, (4th), but ended up with Western Warhorse and Holywell as winners, but both were safety bets, minor outlay on both, but recouped the main...
  6. P

    Good paint shop in Cheltenham

    Hoping that someone can recommend a good body/paintshop in Cheltenham as my wife's 12 year old SL needs a front end makeover. Had a quote from a main dealer that sounds excessive to say the least (why am I surprised). Any suggestions would be helpful as my wife intends to keep the car...
  7. A

    Indie MB in Cheltenham

    Hi, Been getting some advice on an SL55 I'm looking to purchase and it's been suggested I should post here and see if someone can recommend an indie MB dealer to do an inspection for me before I buy. So, the car is in Cheltenham, can anyone help me out? Many thanks!
  8. Mega_Angelic

    Does anyone in 100 miles of Cheltenham have a STAR system?

    There's a few things I would like to play with, nothing major, certainly not worth buying the kit, (alarm chirp, that sort of thing). If anyone in 100 Miles of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire has one I could play with (or watch you play with) for a few minutes please let me know. I can...
  9. D

    New member in Cheltenham

    Evening all. I'm Dan, and I've joined your fine forum as I'm 90% sure I'm in the market for an E class, flexible as to whether estate (if so 7 seats preferred) or saloon. Must I think be Avantgarde spec. Looking for an oil burner, likely 220 or 270, but wouldn't rule out 320. New to the...
  10. K

    New member Cheltenham

    Hi all New member here. I have never had a Mercedes before but I was recently browsing cars in the local area and spotted a 93L W124 E220 with 145k miles with a stamped up service book for £700. What a brilliant car! I absolutely love it! It does have some minor issues which I am hoping...
  11. L

    Cheltenham Gold Cup

    So guys and Girls, any tips for todays big race. These are my main favorites but things look wide open this year. Monkerhostin L'ami Cornish Rebel Beef or Salmon War Of Attrition Celestial Gold
  12. CHRISF

    Cheltenham Lady CLK Driver

    To the young lady who smiled and waved like a lunatic this evening, just becuase we passed each other in identical cars (apart from the colour), nice car !!!!!!!!! lol :bannana:
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