1. RaceDiagnostics

    dealing with scratches right through the clearcoat

    After my success with the deep scatch on my TT I decided to see if I could improve the appearance of some bad scratches on the 450. These ones are worse than the one on the TT, they are right through the clearcoat to the basecoat so no chance to completely remove them. Here we go, these are...
  2. RaceDiagnostics

    Is a clearcoat only possible?

    Given the cost of a respray I am looking into alternatives. Since the car is metaic blue, is it possible to get the car rubbed down to remove the swirles, scratches etc and then have a clearcoat blowen over to get a nice new finish? I also jsut contacted these guys for a quote for a full paint...
  3. Davo


    The paint on my 2000 W215 is in very good nick, but around the bumper and the mirrors there are a couple of patches where the clearcoat lacquerhas been damaged and peeled off. Short of throwing a load of money at it in a bodyshop, can anyone recommend a clearcoat spray that is compatable, or...
  4. S

    Nano-particle clearcoat.

    Just read in a copy of `Autocar` that there`s a new anti scratch paint coating being used on E, S, SLK, CL and SL-Class cars. Anybody know exactly when this was introduced?
  5. Flyer

    Mercedes Nano-Particle Clearcoat

    This looks interesting - about time they did something about paintwork. It's far too easily scratched. Right, the next thing I want them to tackle is dents. Bodywork should be more "springy" - a couple of years from now they'll have a new acronym - SBP, Springy Body Panels :D . You read it...
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