1. SilverSaloon

    RIP Clive Dunn

    Clive Dunn who played one of my all time favourite comedy characters Corporal Jones has sadly passed. :( Dont Panic!, They Dont Like it Up 'em! R.I.P.
  2. Nicensleazy

    My 'New' W208 Courtesy Of Clive @ Benzworx

    I’ve owned a 1998 230 CLK Elegance 5 speed manual for very nearly 2 years now and really from the first time I drove it I loved it. It originally had 88k on the clock, service history up to 76k but it had perhaps fallen on hard times slightly and was starting to show its age- courtesy of a...
  3. D

    CKL Clive

    Has anyone had work done by CKL, and would they recommend him? Also, he seems not to be around here any longer, does anyone have contact details for him? Thanks a lot
  4. B

    Ode to Sir Clive Woodward or Lord Bald

    There was an old man called Lord Bald Whose team got completely mauled, He picked his old mates For some crucial test dates, and the fans were truly appalled. There was a middle-aged tosser named Bald Who's mates were all English and Auld First Test: Neil Back Like the rest of the...
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