1. A

    clk270cdi cooling fan fuse ?

    I have a 55 plate clk270 cdi & the radiator fan is not coming on & I was wondering if there was a fuse for the fan that may have blown?
  2. A

    TURBO HOSE CLK270cdi 2005

    My rubber turbo pipe has a split in it & I was wondering how the hose came of so I can replace it? it is the thick rubber hose around 3 inches in diameter situated to the right hand side looking at it from under the hood towards the rear of the car & it comes up from the bottom near the radiator...
  3. M

    w209 clk270cdi remote central locking intermittent

    This week my so far trusty clk has decided to push my patience to its limits. Firstly at just the wrong moment the remote central locking decided to pack in and i then discovered that the key on the drivers door doesnt work. I got in thru the boot and started pulling fuses and relays out of...
  4. B

    w209 CLK270Cdi EGR delete

    I had to creat a new post as I cannot figure out how to PM attachments!! This is how I did my 2005 CLK EGR delete. I disconnected the EGR valve on the RHS of the engine and jammed a 5W 1Kohm resistor between the 2 pins on the connector. I sealed both that and the valve connector with tape...
  5. S

    black smoke from exhaust

    helle people this is the first time i have ever joined a forum but have read posts on them before as i have found some very usefull . i am having black smoke coming from my exhaust when i put the accelarotor down either in nuetral or whilst driving away . i have noticed that a large rubber pipe...
  6. P

    Clk270cdi options

    I have been on the Russian site and printed out the spec sheet for my Dads car but there are some options that they have no description for, which are 830A 205B 221B 236B 5XXL Does anyone have any ideas please.
  7. P

    2003 CLK270CDI offer

    Have been looking at C Class Coupes and CLKs. I have been offered this particular car; 2003 (03) CLK 270 CDI Auto Avantgarde, in Jaspar Blue with Black Leather for £9500. It will have 12 months MOT and a short warranty. It has been serviced 4 times; twice by MB (16 and 30K) and twice by an...
  8. P


    yet another post - sorry! Yesterday I was looking at C Class Coupes, I like them but my search revealed some lovely CLKs too. Bit more pricey but lovely cars. Have done a bit of research on here and they seem to be a decent car. I found this one quite close to me and I like it...
  9. toby1

    2004/53 CLK270CDi Avantgarde auto

    Hello all. Alas the time has come for me to part with the best car I have ever owned. Here are some details: 64,000 miles, cubanite silver, black/v. dark grey leather, MoT Jan 2009, RFL Feb 2008, full MB service history. Display says 5,500 miles to next 'B' service. Highlights include...
  10. C

    CLK270CDI Avantgarde For Sale

    Just six months old, but I've had enough - its a beautiful car to look at and to plod the motorways but no real driver involvement - ordered a Porsche Boxster yesterday :D CLK270CDI Avantgarde - 1st registered 1st Sept 2003, 53 plate 5 speed automatic Obsidian Black Metallic Anthracite /...
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