1. F

    2002 c230k Coin fell in cigarette lighter and now radio does not work

    Hi, I have a 2002 c230k coupe. A 5p coin fell in the cigarette lighter and instantly the stereo died. I understand this is probably a fuse issue. Which fuse needs to be replaced and where is it located?
  2. I

    2006 ML350 Coin Tray Removal

    After searching the forums and the web on how to remove the coin tray I found various glib statements like "remove the cover with the A/C controls, it is easy". I found the best way for me was to 1. remove the ashtray "2 screws" 2. remove the cover with A/C on it, this I achieved by using...
  3. 837richardt

    W211 coin tray

    Ones anyone know how to remove the coin tray drawer next to glove compartment on my E320 W211, think a coin gone at back of it and won't open it close properly
  4. E

    £1-1p Coin Unique (Vanishing Penny) Magic Trick

    £10 delivered next day! £1-1p Coin Unique (Vanishing Penny) Magic Trick | eBay Video Magic Trick Pound and Penny - YouTube
  5. Londonscottish

    How do you remove the coin tray in a pre-facelift 211?

    Hi all 211 owners, My 211 has a small tray to the right of the glove box - I presume it's for coins. I managed to lose my fuel card down the back of of it and can't for the life of me find out how to get the tray out. Any suggestions?
  6. J

    Cooked Coin battery

    I was replacing one these coin BIOS battery on my IBM Thinkpad laptop. I have to solder back the red and black wires, I can see liquid oozing out from the coin battery, it got cooked and dead.:wallbash: Anybody got a better idea how to solder back these wires?
  7. GRAV888

    Esso World Cup Coin Collection.

    I know there are some coin and other collectors on here and I'm having a clearout. Anyone want to make me an offer on this before I put it on Ebay? Folded it is A4 size, which opens up to double that. Edges a bit tatty, but otherwise intact. Reply by PM.
  8. S

    Almost New CD Player and Coin Tray

    If anyones interested I've just installed a command unit hence I'm selling my 4 month old CD player and the coin tray on ebay. SPROK
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