1. J

    Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) communication issues

    :dk: I have a S320 CDI 2003, I recently had a left windows control unit go faulty so I had that replaced by a Garage who claims to be also Mercedes expert. Their effort seemed to triggered a host of issues Brake pads replaced etc. Now Garage is saying that the error codes are due to the three...
  2. MD5

    R129 ECU/ESP communication probs

    1996 SL 500 From a cold start, and after normal tickover commences, revs will raise to 1100 rpm and the ESP warning light comes on, causing loss of power/drive through the accelerator pedal. This is rectified by restarting the car, and may happen several times, until the engine has warmed...
  3. A

    Lost Communication with TCM

    Hi, Looking for advice, I have a 2007 E220 CDI, it was caught up in some minor flooding and water got into the footwells. The car is going very well aspart from the orange engine management light being on permanently. I got it switched off at the weekend. The error message on the diagnostics...
  4. W

    my ECU communication port has the wrong wires

    An off-topic mixed with electrical question here, you decide: My Audi A2 had cruise control fitted today. The final stage was to program the ECU to tell it of the CC feature. The laptop failed to 'see' the car. When plugged in to another A2 all was fine. So on closer inspection it was clear...
  5. P

    DAS Star Diagnosis multiplexer communication error

    Hi everybody, I bought an original MB caesar Actia multiplexer a few months ago. However I still have a few problems making the multiplexer to communicate with my laptops and my car. I have tried a few dell and vaio laptops (6 laptops altogether). I have not tried a thinkpad yet (i do not own...
  6. Gizmo750

    In-car communication question

    Hi all, I am looking for a little help / reassurance from some of you that have Bluetooth equipment in your Mercs. I currently have a Siemens carkit in my CLK and I am fed up with it as it doesn't work properly. As I have a number of mobile devices (Siemens S55, Ericsson P900, SPV and...
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