1. pamrit

    Coupes from Audi, BMW and Mercedes in the comparison test

    Nice result for Mercedes:bannana: Google Translate
  2. C240Sport97

    Saloon price comparison -- New BMW 5 Series and New E class

    Just specced up a new 5 series and a new E class. Amazing how close prices are. You would have thought that there was/is price collusion! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ BMW 520D SE MB E220CDi BE AVANTGARDE 8 speed AUTO 5 speed AUTO 184 HP 170 HP 8.1 secs; 137mph...
  3. C240Sport97

    Pricing Comparison of E classes 211 and 212

    211 E320CDi Avantgarde Saloon (Jan 09 price list) vs 212 E350CDi Avantgarde Saloon (June 09 price list): Of course, prices are list prices and do not reflect the large run out discounts on the 211. 211 OTR: £38,836 COMAND - Standard Leather - Standard Metallic - Standard Parktronic -...
  4. R

    W203/W204 Comparison at last.

    READ THE THREAD BEFORE VOTING!! Today I had the opportunity to directly compare my Silver Avantgarde W203 with a Silver Sport W204. Interesting as we'll see!
  5. L

    E320 v 530; pic comparison

    A friend came by with his BMW 530 so I took the opportunity to take some side by side shots of his car and mine. These were taken at night and without a tri pod so the quality is not that great. Nevertheless, it'll give some good comparison on how both cars compare in the 'looks' department. I...
  6. I

    Comparison - Diesel vs Petrol

    Hi, In the latest issue of Mercedes Enthusiast, they have a comparison between the overall cost of a C180K and C220 CDI. They compared the purchase price, and running costs inluding depreciation, maintence, insurance, road tax and insurance and it turns out that the C180K is the cheaper of the...
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