1. Flyinspanner

    CL500 conductor plate

    Had a hiccup on Friday with a check engine light comming on, and transmission stuck in one low gear (second I think). - on the way to work, luckily Terry at WG in Harrow was able to fit me in for a diagnosis in the afternoon, and then dropped it off for rectification today. Brilliant service...
  2. F

    w203 conductor plate

    hi, ive had my c220cdi for 6months and just changed the conductor plate due to the speed sensors failing. ive had the codes cleared with a snap on analizer but the fault is still present. is there a member in the Northampton area with star diagnostics who can help please.
  3. merc85

    s211 Conductor plate

    Following on from my other thread, What sort of issues do you get when a conductor plate is on the way out? My car stutter's high rpm but only in Comfort mode? s211 e320 cdi (53):dk:
  4. C

    cls 350 conductor plate

    Hello everyone, Sure some of you would have looked at previous posts regarding the conductor plate and my annoyance at Mercedes. Today have had my major service carried out for an excellent price and confirmed that the conductor plate is available separately. For anyone with with the...
  5. D

    W209 Conductor Plate

    I'm about to attempt to change my conductor plate on my CLK at the weekend as i think the pilot bush is solid and when i go to change it because of the oil leak it will break the conductor plate so i've bought eveything just in case. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on doing this

    c43 amg conductor plate

    hi does anyone know the part no. for electrics kit, conductor plate for c43 amg 1999 model, thanks. moudi.
  7. K

    Speed sensor, conductor plate

    Hi Does anyone know where i can buy a conductor plate in the uk for a w210 e320 cdi thanks.
  8. M

    is this also known as conductor plate??
  9. R

    Conductor plate

    Has anyone ever changed the gearbox electric conductor plate in a 722.6 gearbox? and whats involved?
  10. M

    Light conductor

    Hallo there I have 320s 2000 model I imported it from germany but the CD changer has been stolen at the port and The thief has torn the optic cable aggressively. Now I want to install a new CD changer, do I need to buy a new optical cable .Is this correct cable to buy? CDW D2B Light...
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