1. J

    Help Boot Warning light keeps flashing W208 CLK Convertable

    Hi New to site New to Mercedes too. I have bought a CLK convertable with a few problems but lately the boot warning light keeps flashing whilst driving and for some reason the alarm seem to activate a short while after locking. Can any one help ??
  2. D

    on the look out for a C32 estate or clk55 convertable

    What you got to offer people?
  3. KillerHERTZ

    E-Class Convertable

  4. optimusprime

    for sale inndor car cover for w124 convertable.

    Just been on Gumtree , this Sahara car cover is for indoors only. I have one but an outside cover .Really well made The location is Derriford in Devon .Check it out item number is 1158286124 price £25 .If you in the location and need a cover for your W124 convertable it would be cheap . Over...
  5. G

    C200 Convertable roof Probs 2005

    Hi guys I got a big prob with my wife's roof, whilst it's closed and the left side of the car goes over a bump or pot hole the roof thinks it's being activated and the display on the dash lights up saying roof in operation, you then have to stop , partly open the roof then re-close it ! Very...
  6. A


    I have today had the CAR diagnosed on star the problem i have is both front and rear windows only work on the rear switches the front are not operating the windows even though the Diagnostics think they are ok switches were also replaced on talking with the engineer He commented that it was...
  7. A

    2001 slk 230 convertable front window switchs not working

    I canot get either of the 2 front widow switches to work they appear dead however i can get the front windows to open and close via the rear window switches which odd would this be a fuse issue on the front windows obviously back and front are on different circuits and would the back switch...
  8. J

    2002 w208 convertable intrior wanted

    just got a 430 convertable really don't like the light grey leather seats so decided to replace the lot .so I am on the hunt for full vert seats door cards etc etc etc please no mega prices cheers James .. Ps current car 2002 reg heated seats with air ?? Thanks
  9. T

    Clk 320 convertable, 2002.

    Hello, the drivers side 'window drop' facility, electric seat adjustment and electric window have ceased to function. When the mechanic disconnects the battery, waits a couple of mins, reconnects the battery he can re-set the electric window, seat and 'window drop' facility. All works fine for...
  10. BenzRule

    W208 CLK boot and soft top issue

    Good Boxing Day Morning to you all, It is my first post, and if I had hair I would have pulled it out by now :confused: In short, my CLK convertible had a flat battery. So I popped the bonnet and got power to it (mains battery charger) from the terminal for the live and body by the radiator...
  11. cyoneill

    W208 CLK320 Convertable. Water leaking in behind glove box

    HELP PLEASE! Car is leaking water when it is raining from the back of the glovebox. Water pours into the passenger footwell from under the glove box as well as the back of the glovebox. Car has been into the garage twice, all drains checked, windscreen checked, bodywork seems checked. Next step...
  12. khawaja

    Alloy wheels required for clk 230 convertable v reg 112 pcd

    Nice alloys required I can collect im based in Birmingham
  13. N

    Convertable top cables

    Hi fellas I have a 1993 R129 and I am replacing the top but I require a full set of top cables can anyone advise me where I can purchase a set and the price ? Thanks Neville
  14. N

    clk 230 convertable

    urgent need roof tension cable and black pastic connector for nipple end or info where i can get them from thanks fred
  15. 300CE

    MercedesBenz A124/ W124 Convertible Wind Deflector

    MercedesBenz A124/ W124 Convertable Wind Deflector | eBay
  16. alano

    Clk convertable roof

    I am starting to get light brown marks on my soft top roof ?. It's because I have been using the roof more often. What's the best thing for cleaning the material and will it effect it being water proof ?. It's a 2002 model in great nick just grubby hood ?.
  17. K

    clk 230 roof motor convertable r reg

    hi every1 can any 1 help ,please ive got a 98 reg LHD merc convertable 230 clk and i am having problems the roof started making a grinding dying noise a few weeks ago then stopped working it kept blowing fuses and i had to take the fuse out and get a new battery,,,ive now been told i need a new...
  18. michaelk3289

    w124 convertable

    taken a real interest in these of late, this must be a good buy no? MERCEDES E 320 AMG CONVERTIBLE CABRIOLET e36 coupe ce | eBay
  19. M

    How can I improve the stereo on my e-class convertable

    As the title says I would like a bit more kick to my stereo in my e-class cab (A207) Iordered the car with HK fitter and it's not bad but I want a bit more thump. In the past I have fitted an infinity basslink sub but it wont fit in the boot of the Merc... anyone added a powered sub to...
  20. C

    part needed for my clk 208 convertable

    Is anyone breaking a clk 320 convertable 2002 208, the part i need is a valve for the powerhood, the part no on the block reads:19.0306-0106.202w18. it sits behind back seat passenger side under headrest and it looks like an ali block with two nickel plated valves coming out the top of it with a...
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