1. A

    Converted to MB

    Hi All, Newbie to MB having picked up an W204 C250 AMG Sport Plus...:bannana: Ex-VW, driven Golfs ever since I've passed...most recent was the MK7 R....hopefully I've made the right choice converting to MB! Cheers, Addy
  2. Topman2u

    Hiya from converted Mercedes owner

    Hi all from me in Nottinghamshire to you all I'm new to Mercedes after having few troubles with bmws so thought after seeing good reviews about the Mercedes I thought let's give them ago So after searching for few weeks I finally found a nice A220 cdi amg 2014 :bannana: I don't really know...
  3. MerCeeDee

    Freshly converted to Merc! the keys to my clk320 yesterday.First Merc since owning a couple of stacking headlights ones back many moons ago.So I apologise in advance for any stupid newbie questions I post! I've been a Jap gal for a lot of year (yes. .I'm old enough to of owned several Datsuns!) ,:o but have had a...
  4. P

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, only covered 50k, LPG converted, great fun!

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, LPG,Only 50k Miles, Amazing Spec, lots of parts inc | eBay
  5. O

    converted to 4 wheels from 2 with a slk200

    Hi all Having been motorcycling for 40 years I finally decided that I'm too old for commuting in the wet, cold and dismal days of winter and needed an incentive to move to four wheels! What could have been better than an slk200, reasonable economic for a 70 mile commute and hugely satisfying...
  6. E

    Second MB and fully converted

    Hi All. I've been meaning to get around to using the forum and if its anything like the MG forum it will be great to get to chat too you all. MG was the first toy car that was a 160TF which over three years I modified it for performance and style and loved that little car BUT the dame car would...
  7. tingtongpj

    Converted from Alfa

    hi all new member from manchester. i've just converted from alfa to a c class tourer. so far i've found the information on here very helpfull :thumb:
  8. Conquistador

    Porsche Cayenne converted to a Ferrari...

    ...apparently Ferrari red porsche cayenne 4.5 s v8 audi fully loaded bmw AMG ***LPG GAS**** | eBay "PEOPLE DONT KNOW WHAT CAR IT IS AND FALL FOR IT THINKING IT IS FERRARI ALONG WITH THE NOISE WHICH PUTS THE 458 ITALIA TO SHAME"
  9. jappaman


    hi guys, i have bought a 2003 e55 amg pan roof/ solar roof about a mounth ago and what a beast! i have owned and modified many jappa cars between 300-450 horspower but the amg seems to be a vastly different animial. i have entered the local drag wars and am currenty second in points even though...
  10. B

    A Jaguar man converted.

    All my life I have loved Jaguars. The big XJ cats have a magic carpet ride that I honestly thought could only be bettered by something like a Roller or Bentley. My first Jag was back in 1978 and I have owned many since then. A few days ago I drove my first Mercedes, a lovely LWB S class with all...
  11. 4NDYFERG

    Newly Converted!

    Hi all, recently took the plunge into the world of Mercedes Benz with the purchase of a nearly new C200 AMG Sport in Magnetite black. I know it's not the most glamorous of MB's portfolio but as of yet I am suitably impressed! Having flirted with Jaguar in the past, I was originally in two...
  12. G

    Any one converted a Vito to a Camper

    Just wondering if anyone has converted their vito van into a camper
  13. mars1960

    New guy is so converted.

    Hi all, My GF loves convertibles so last month i decided to buy her (i love V8's) a CLK 500 convertible, (WHAT A MACHINE) 2003 in tanzanite blue with black roof. I get the pleasure of driving this (i own an XKR) at least twice weekly and what an absolute joy. I am so converted to Mercedes i am...
  14. M

    Converted Volvo follower.....

    :bannana: First day....took a while to find this page ie for someone new took a while to find this section. Now Im here, about to collect my second W208.....had one a couple of years back, sold it (why - dont know), went back to a Volvo but as the saying goes "once you own a Merc, you'll...
  15. chriswt

    Has anyone converted a house into two flats?

    My father-in-law has a detached 4 bed house which I’m looking to convert into two flats, downstairs for him and a 2 bed flat upstairs for rent. Has anyone done this before as I’d just like a heads up on the level of work required with regard to fire proofing, means of escape, sound proofing...
  16. B

    SLK stainless roll bars and projector HID converted headlights

    Like the tiltle says, I am selling a pair of aftermarket stainless steel roll bars. They are wrapped in the box they came in, no guide, but they're an easy fit. Also a pair of aftermarket projector headlights. I converted these to HID with a HID slimline 6000k kit. The indicators have silver...
  17. 300CE

    1991 mercedes 300ce-24 auto lpg gas converted

    1991 MERCEDES 300CE-24 AUTO LPG GAS CONVERTED on eBay (end time 18-Feb-11 13:56:22 GMT)
  18. d w124

    Another converted CE

    Mercedes Benz E 230 ce, 1990, coupe, auto, leather on eBay (end time 29-Oct-10 20:59:07 BST) Were they all this colour,all the ones I`ve seen are this colour including a convertible one
  19. jaymanek

    Converted the pagoda to 5 speed!

    Hi All, Well one of the main thing that bugs most pagoda owners is the leack of gears. Mine was a 4 speed manual. On the W113 forum a few have gone down the route of fitting a BMW Getrag 5 speed gearbox. So over the last 2 weeks I have collected all the necessary bits and this...
  20. De_Godfather

    Somethings Just Dont Last ! E36 Converted W124 For Sale

    This is post is a very sad one for me, due to a change in personal circumstances I will be selling this car, I would prefer for it to go to a member. I have put a lot of hard effort and time into this project and I hope that the new owner will look after it in the same manner that I have. I have...
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