1. The _Don

    Ph carpool: Ford escort cosworth and lotus cortina

    PistonHeads Headlines - PH Carpool: Ford Escort Cosworth and Lotus Cortina
  2. M

    Where's my MKII Cortina!! :-/

    Back in the day you could swap out the points, brush off the plugs, tinker with the timing etc etc, nowadays The computer,, he say "NO" throws a light on the dash and you gotta limp home missing a nights money :wallbash: at least it allowed me home I guess? I managed to get the faults read...
  3. The _Don

    For sale: Last ever brand new Ford Cortina on the market

    Ford Cortina which is on the market 30 years after it rolled off the production line | Mail Online
  4. bigstuff

    when is a cortina 2000e not a classic

    when it looks like this
  5. Satch

    "Life on Mars" Cortina Good Lord. I used to have one of them! A white two door 1972 1600 GXL version that I fettled with a Weber twin choke carb. and a sports exhaust manifold...
  6. Aletank


    Spotted this over on the Talk Audio forum ;)
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