1. spinaltap

    Mercedes Cosmetic Service

    On visiting Mercedes Birmingham for replacement brake pad/discs, I asked for their recommendation for an approved Mercedes body-shop that could rectify some cosmetic damage to my W169 rear bumper (that had been caused by another driver not looking properly when parking alongside me in a car...
  2. Alex

    Cosmetic Mods - Yes/No?

    I'm toying with the idea of adding these Lorinser bonnet and roof wind deflectors and roof wing to my car but am unsure about the looks. Do you think they look good or shall I keep her original as AMG intended? My car first: Lorinser Bonnet and Roof Wind Deflectors on Benzworld member's...
  3. 55NF

    Cosmetic Changes when Under 36 Business Contract

    When under Business Contract/Lease can cosmetic changes to the car be made ? Such as colour coding the grill etc ? Professionally of course.
  4. A

    Gatso Anti-Flash Cosmetic

    Has anyone seen the sunday press which claims that a well known cosmetic used by millions of women actually works better than any of the expensive anti-flash plates that are currently on sale. Anybody any idea what it is - I just got flashed again - An SAS camera van parked behind a tree. :eek:
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