1. U

    car gone into total meltdown - battery, alternator, regulator, CPU or something else?

    All, My S320 CDI (01 w220 pre face lift) was showing signs of a fading battery, so ordered a new one with higher ah and cca that arrived yesterday and was waiting for me when I got home. Wire drive car off to work this morning, to ring me from 5 mins down the road having had the low voltage...
  2. brucemillar

    CPU being eaten. Machinr runs slow

    Hi My trusty Dell Dimension Win XP SP3 runs so slowly it is becoming useless. It uses up max CPU on nearly every program you start and I can't see why. I have run Malaware Bytes - No faults found CCleaner - all good I have also run MS Security essentials - No fault found. De-fragged the disc...
  3. fabes

    AM3 CPU in an AM2 Mobo

    Not an MB car question, but an MB question all the same... Being tempted to upgrade the AMDx2 4200 CPU I have (I checked) with one of these AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition 3.1GHz 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 Retail Boxed Processor - Ebuyer Its an AM3 CPU which I am told should be backwads...
  4. C

    Stereo linked to main CPU ?

    G'afternoon Recently had some work done to my S430 that required the removal of one rear door. The garage refitted the door but didn't have the correct issue software to reset the main CPU (to let it know the door has been put back on !) so I'm getting an SRS airbag warning and the soft close...
  5. mercmanuk

    dell cpu cooler needed

    what type of cooler do dell computers use,ive an intel p4 tower which keeps locking due to overheating so ive bought an arctic cooler 7 cooler,the footprint of the 4 fixing feet on the board is too small for the new cooler,is it a special cooler for the dell motherboards
  6. GRAV888

    CPU usage.

    My orange light on my tower is on permanently and has been for nearly a month, but now things are getting really slow. It keeps losing an internet connection and will reboot itself whenever it feels like it. I have scanned for viruses etc, but none have been found. I also noticed, that the...
  7. Benzowner

    CPU Useage?

    When I start my PC and all appears to be up and running, the CPU is going bananas, so I look in windows task manager and the useage is around 80 or 90% used by Systen Idle Process. Anyone any ideas what could be running and how do I either speed up the process of get rid of some of it. The PC...
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