1. I

    An odd creation

    An odd ugly creation complete with a dodgy advert! Mercedes Benz SL 500 silver 69500 Miles Spares or Repair Full Service History | eBay
  2. imadoofus

    Screensaver creation

    Is it possible to rip part of a DVD movie, and turn it into a screensaver? (Win XP) If so, how? Thanks PJ
  3. Jukie

    Web Site Creation Software

    Can anyone recommend or advise on any suitable software that doesn't cost the earth (£100 or less)? E.g. EasyGen2 or Namo's Webeditor are two I've heard of It's not for anything commercial. I've been asked to investigate setting up a website for my church. I'm IT literate but have no...
  4. Ian B Walker

    ot. Homepage creation?

    I would like to have my own website where I could send emails, host my own pictures etc. I dont have a clue how to go about it and what costs are involved. I am rather hopeing that someone out there will shove me in the right direction. Thanks, Ian
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