1. Dave.tam

    Disappointing service at MB Croydon

    So my car was booked in yesterday at MB Croydon for its first service. I also asked them to look at the LEDs in the door handles, as another has failed (this will be the third since I picked it up), and to check the maps for COMAND Online as they are out of date and an update is required (was...
  2. adile220

    STAR needed in Croydon

    Hi all Anyone know of someone offering STAR diagnostics in or around the Croydon, Surrey area? Have a W211 270cdi in need of some help. Thanks, Adil
  3. lisa110rry

    Croydon Tram Derailment

    I've just seen the news about this, it seems absolutely devastating and so unusual for a tram to derail. It appears there has been "some loss of life" and quite a few serious injuries. The driver apparently has been arrested.
  4. J

    good Indy workshop (or mobile) around Croydon

    Hi all I am looking for a good Indy workshop (or mobile) around Croydon for a service A on my CLS (2009). The Glow Head also needs fixing as the light sometime comes on. I would appreciate any recommendation. Thanks
  5. B

    INDY around Croydon

    Hi all I am a newbie to this forum and I am not sure if I could make a request for any Indy in or around croydon who would be reasonably priced. I need to have a B service done and I have been to a couple and they quoted me around 400 which i thought was a bit on high end. I had been to the...
  6. Lxb3

    STAR in Croydon

    Just found out that Turners on Purley Way, who are fairly well regarded, have a STAR machine! Result. :thumb::thumb:
  7. aka$h

    Stolen w124 E200 Silver Croydon D6EEY

    Mate of mine rang me this morning and his mint w124 E200 was stolen last night. It was taken from Just off London Road in Norbury. On the off chance anyone sees it, reg D6EEY it has w203 Avantgarde 5 spoke 16" wheels on it and is a mint example of a w124, Brilliant Silver.
  8. CTR55

    Croydon Indy

    Swift / Sunningvale are located near the old Airport just off the Purley Way, I've used them on a couple of occassions now, the last time they have sorted out my SRS issues on the SL55. I would recommend this Indy, the contact there that has looked after me is Mark and can be contacted on. 020...
  9. B

    Service nightmare in Croydon

    Hi all, I'm new here but wanted to share a dreadful service experience. I live in south london and am relatively new to the area. My old trusty ML320 needed a service recently and without any knowledge of Independent MB garages I consulted google. I found Kinghams in Croydon, approved MB...
  10. M

    Anyone from London area? Perhaps between Luton and Croydon? ;)

    Hello there! I haven't thought about that before, but I wonder if anyone would spare some time to help me out on a Mercedes oriented trip? I am coming to UK on Wednesday - March 23rd. I should be at the Luton Airport at 7:30 am. I am coming to pick up an E320 from S. Croydon. Would...
  11. R

    Good Indy in Croydon area

    Hi guys E220 CDI 53 reg requires a B service at 122,000 miles any ideas of a good indy nearby and an idea on what the price would be all in? thanks Nick
  12. vijilants

    Can anyone recommend a decent driving instructor in the Croydon / Norbury area ?

    Hi Folks, The time has come for me to look for a decent driving instructor for my son. Can anyone recommend anyone suitable that operates in the Croydon / Norbury area ? I called up one of the bigger schools (RED) just to ask the cost of the lessons and they wern't willing to tell me unless...
  13. R

    Merc Repairs, Croydon, South London

    Recommendation: Merc Repairs Hastings Rd Croydon 0208 406 7866 After going to my normal mechanic with a P0200B fault he replaced the MAF, but with no joy, so I took it to another Garage and it came up with the same fault, replaced MAF only for the engine light to come on 12 miles after...
  14. vijilants

    Any good independant Audi specialists in south london / croydon ?

    Hi A friend of mine is being charged £250 to replace the gearbox oil on an Audi by the dealership. Anyone know of any decent Audi indies in the South London / Croydon area / Purley area ? Many Thanks
  15. A

    Merc Repairs Ltd - Croydon

    My mate is a general mechanic and he recently serviced my w208 320 but he didn't fancy changing the spark plugs, so on the advice of an E Class driving cabbie I took my car to Merc Repairs in Hastings Rd, Croydon this morning. £89.00 for the plugs and £45.00 for labour which i thought was very...
  16. vijilants

    Croydon dealership customer service is a disgrace !!!!!

    I went into the Croydon dealership today as I have been supplied the wrong part three times and asked if one of their technicians could have a look at it. (See thread The parts person when around the back and came out 5 minutes later and...
  17. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Independent specialist in/near Croydon, Surrey?

    Not for me, for a friend. He has a G reg W124 230E auto which has not run for over a year. It needs service, MOT and TLC. Price is a major factor.
  18. Alfie

    Speed camera's in Croydon!

    Returning home from an install yesterday evening, business partner was driving:) and we went through a speed camera at 30mph or very close to it. the camera flashed twice at us. This camera was one of the first as you come out of Croydon on the A23. My question is, does anyone know if these...
  19. Roy Newling

    MB specialist in Croydon area?

    Can anyone recommend an independant MB specialist in the Croydon Surrey area.
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