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    CRX turbo - more mods

    The CRX was very competitive last year - running 12 second 1/4 mile times, (not its forte) but being a LOAD of fun on trackdays and in competition. Current spec is 1600cc and about 360hp with about 300 of those ponies used on trackdays and the rest for 1/4 mile runs Its biggest plus is that it...
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    Stolen my turbo CRX !!

    gutted :( It's black. It has a blue padding covered (Cusco I think) rollcage. It has Red DC2 Recaros It has 5 spoke alloys. It has a 1.5 rear wing It has a carbon bonnet It has a bespoke intake manifold It has a TypeR camcover It's got a full 3" Hayward and Scott...
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    CRX Mag feature

    Now the mag has been replaced on the shelves I can post this My CRX at Redlines recent FWD shootout - the toy did well against the fastest FWD cars in the country :D Times were slower than optimum - as it was a freezing day in february ( 1 degree) and the tyres didnt heat up well - it...
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    Both of my CRX's for sale

    I need to sell both of my Rex's to fund the new B18 project - as my wife wont tolerate 3 Rex's and a Rover - dont know whats wrong with her :) 1.) E reg Mk2 in Rio red - it has been in my family for the best part of 10 years - and its the reason why I'm in to Rex's in such a big way 126k...
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