1. ioweddie

    Has anyone used Hypnotherapy to cure a problem?

    Just wondered if Hypnosis actually works, I have suffered with nervous tic's on and off all my life, recently I tried to do something about it as my facial tic of twitching my nose causes me embarrassment when talking to people face to face. I can control it for a while but all the tics are like...
  2. SmartMAC

    W204 Coupe Rear Self Rattle. Would this cure it?

    I need to do something about this as it is driving me crazy. I have looked everywhere and I can only think it is the rear self making the noise, more specifically, the speaker/brake light covers vibrating. I can see there is some insulating material just under the shelve so I was thinking to...
  3. ricardo62

    add atf fluid in diesel cure leak

    hi I have a very small leak from around the pipe on the fuel pump , ive heard on other forums that adding a litre of atf fluid to a full tank of diesel will make the o rings seal and hopefully stop it , apparently other people have had success , any thoughts on doing this ? car e320 diesel yr 2000
  4. PeterE320Cdi

    Replaced 3rd brake light to try and cure water leak

    Like many, our e class estate has been showing signs of a big leak as the windscreen is very wet but I could not find any wet carpets until I opened the tailgate and noticed the bottom of the trim was soaked. The window seal looks OK but the third brake light was standing proud of the bodywork...
  5. Palfrem

    Brilliant new cure for rusty patches

    Mercedes G Wagon W460 4wd classic off roader 5 speed manual | eBay "The biggest problem was various rusty patches which I have treated with grease and some stickers. A lot cheaper than a £2k respray!" .......inspirational
  6. developer

    The V8 Bug - Is There A Cure?

    Much as I love my car, I'm lusting after a V8 S212 E63 and have started looking at the usual outlets - MB Approved Used, Autotrader, Pistonheads, etc. I've seen a perfect example with a great spec (though it's overpriced at the moment). So, I have two problems: My current car is great and...
  7. LTD

    Found a cure for MB rust !!!

    Bit leftfield for many as a cure for the biodegradable Mercedes but .... I'm moving on my S500 and getting one of these ... E220 CDi Coupe Sport in Obsidian black metallic. Arriving with me on March 1st. Car currently at factory awaiting shipment. :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana:
  8. Charles Morgan

    Airbag warning light - MOT issues and how to cure

    I will need an MOT on my 210 by the end of February. When I bought it the SRS light would stay on and I was going to sort it, but when Olly replaced my evaporator, which if the photos are to be believed, resulted in the steering wheel coming off, the SRS light extinguished itself correctly...

    Cure for leaking boot/tailgate seals

    Thought I would post this as I have found it to cure 99% of water ingress via the tailgate or boot. Looking at the seal it looks almost impossible for water to get past it as it stands well proud of where the water would flow. If the outside of the seal is dry,but the inside it dirty and wet I...
  10. J

    Anyone in to The Cure (band) on here?

    Went to see them last night at the Royal Albert Hall, absolutely amazing. Have some pics and videos to share if anyone is interested?
  11. ringway

    The Best Hangover Cure?

    If you are planning to overindulge this Christmas then it would be a good idea to stock up on bread and honey as well as booze. Scientists claim that the natural sweetener is a great way to help the body deal with the toxic effects of a hangover. The Royal Society of Chemistry claim that...
  12. V

    tapping W124 cure

    I thgought I might need to have my tappests looked at due to a very noisy top end clatter. Sounded really bad. But, before spending loads of cash, I thought I would whip off the cam cover, take off the oil spray bar and give it a good flush through with carb cleaner. Guess what? I piece of...
  13. Satch

    Bacon sandwich really does cure a hangover

    Nearly wept with joy when I read this:
  14. kikkthecat

    Ultimate Rust cure.

    Came across this today, I must say I'd never have thought of Duct Tape to hold it all together when the tinworm strikes. It was on both front arches and one rear arch. Classy
  15. A

    Cure for rusty wheel bolts?

    Well not quite a cure but a work around. My wifes wheel bolts are pretty manky and I found these. Now a few years back I had a Golf Gti and that came with these as 'standard' although they were black and the little removal tool. Are these a good idea...
  16. A

    How to cure these chips?

    Got these chips on the front of the car... been wanting to cure them for a while and i know its not expensive to do so... whats the right way to go about it?
  17. IMD

    Regeneration Valve - is this the cure for my rough idle?

    It seems that I'm not the only person who has experienced a very rough idle problem with my W124. I've recently bought a 1993 e220 estate. In Drive or Reverse, the revs fluctuate between 500 and 750, sometimes quite eratically, almost feeling like the thing is going to stall, other times not at...
  18. L

    Cheap Cure for Suspension Noise

    My friend's E320 cdi developed a noise from the front suspension. It turned out to be a worn bushing at the bottom of the shock absorber. The cure - remove bushing, separate rubber bushing from metal insert, lag insert with insulation tape, hammer insert back into bushing, re-assemble and refit...
  19. stwat

    The cure for understeer on the subaru wrx

    :p :D
  20. altreed

    New Miracle Cure to engine wear and performance

    I just read an article claiming fantastic benefits....ASTA 3000 with numerous Belgian awards! Has anyone got information or opinions on this marvelous product, before I part with £27 to find ut... Cheers Dave
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