1. P

    A/C cut out

    I was in the E300D this afternoon in the first of the summer traffic jams and it was around 28C. All was working fine with the A/C then after a while, the compressor cut out though the ventilation fan was still operating, no problem. The engine temperature was up around an indicated 105C - is...
  2. The _Don

    Facebook Bankers Secretly Cut Facebook’s Revenue Estimates In IPO Roadshow
  3. jonnyMercUK

    Diamond cut repair

    Read a few threads on here but not quite got what i'm looking for. So I found that my alloy had been curbed, I know it wasn't me and the mrs is denying it (so who else can it bl**dy be?? :devil:) Anyway to save argument I just agreed... I'm looking for help or advice on what to do, I do...
  4. R

    The 50% rate should be...

    ...abolished. Discuss.
  5. N

    Which? Big Switch plan to cut energy bills. Can this work?

    FAQ What is the Which? Big Switch? Which? and 38 Degrees are calling on consumers to join together to cut energy bills. Using a completely new way for people to buy energy, we’ll be using the combined switching power of thousands of consumers. We’ll negotiate with energy suppliers and...
  6. amg3.6

    Diamond cut wheel refurb required Rotherham/Sheffield area

    Anyone know someone who can refurb diamond cut wheels in the above area's? How much should it cost per wheel?
  7. C

    engine cut out

    c:bannana:an anyone throw any light on this problem my car a c200cdi be 204 model when i start up in the morning it cuts out right away and i have to turn it over a while before it will start again after that there is no problem till the following morning the same again thanks in advance
  8. Palfrem

    £2K price cut on C63 at MB Direct Mercedes-Benz...
  9. D

    Diamond Cut Rims

    I'm in the process of getting the AMG IIs from my C43 refurbed, ideally to the original spec which looks to be diamond cut. Could anyone confirm whether the original spec was diamond cut or not? The Refurb company in Northhants has advised that they can't put a warranty on the refurb...
  10. S

    Key cut from a VIN number ?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place but could not see anywhere in the specific headings that covered the subject. The car I have bought has come without the manual opening key in the remote, am I able to get one cut from a dealer by quoting the VIN code, if not any other idea's please ? Thanks...
  11. The _Don

    Solar subsidies to be cut by more than half

    Solar subsidies to be cut by more than half | Environment | The Guardian
  12. 3

    diamond cut ML63 AMG alloys

    hi all. i have a set of the 20" diamond cut AMG alloys on my ML, and as per every set of these, the laquer around the centre cap has went milky with water ingress due to slight rubbing from the center cap :( question is, as the rest of the wheels are in fantastic shape, can i do a localised...
  13. N

    Diamond cut alloys

    Ive got a 1998 280 SL the rims need a refurb, they are presently diamond cut. Theres no one close to me who can do diamond cut but they offer full powder coat, has anyone had this done and were they satisfied?
  14. D

    What can I use to cut back paint? T Cut?

    :confused: I have a red 280ce W123 Coupe that needs a darn good cut back and polish. Thoughts on what to use? I have T Cut Colour Restorer but can't help thinking there's better out there.
  15. R

    W124 E320 Estate `94 *Intermittant cut out*

    :confused:Engine intermittant `cut out`. HELP. Not had the car long, my mechanic is stumped ? Starts and runs beautifully, then after stopping (at traffic lights / junction), just cuts out ?? Nothing obvious, checked all the forum threads, but can`t see one to match. Other days it wont do it...
  16. S

    Reverse gear & full steering lock= Engine cut out......

    My 95 E300D 24v has come back from the garage after having a bit of work done on the engine (vacuum pump and the gear that drives it failed) and all seems okay so far apart from when I pop it into reverse, with full steering lock on (basically when I'm reversing into my drive or a parking space)...
  17. M

    Drivers seat stuck completely forward and Mercedes want to 'cut it out'??

    Morning everyone. Ive just recently purchased a W208 CLK 320 and love it! Last Friday I put the drivers seat all the way forward to clean the back and now its stuck in this position. All other electric seat functions work except for the forwards and backwards. Which being stuck all the way...
  18. L_A

    Diamond cut alloy wheel refurbish

    Need my e320 cdi sport 18" alloys refurbished not sure if i should get these done in a standard silver or keep them as diamond cut face am sure the facelift sport wheels are not diamond cut? Also anyone recommened any good wheel refurb place in north east close to Newcastle that could carry...
  19. chesterpiglet

    Re:Engine cut out

    Hi there I had a problem develop with my car yesterday. I pulled up to turn right at a junction and the car cut out and wouldn't start again despite turning over freely. It had started fine in the morning and had driven normally all day so everything was nice and warm. Eventually it started...
  20. U

    AMG Wheel Did Mercedes offer this wheel Diamond Cut from the Factory ?

    AMG Wheel Did Mercedes offer this wheel Diamond Cut wheel from the Factory ? Or have peolpe just cut the wheels after If from Factory what models ?
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