1. optimusprime

    mercedes 190e 2 litre recon cyl head on ebay

    This is a part is on Ebay .My friend told me it was on there , as some relation of his is selling it .As they no longer have the car . It was recond and info is in the listing on Ebay if interested item number is-12354156670 .You would be happy with this cyl head And the .price is £185
  2. M

    Camshaft sensor location 4 Cyl 2005 E220 W211

    Hi Anyone know the location of the camshaft sensor on a 2005 E220 CDI ? My car has thrown up a P2043 error. I get this on hot starts.
  3. J

    WANTED: 220S pontoon (6 cyl)

    Looking to buy a 220S pontoon (6 cyl) from around 1958. Non runner / dents / scratches / lhd ok. Must be in original condition. Will collect. Maybe someone has / knows of one? Thanks
  4. allias

    4 cyl spark plugs on V6??

    It might sound stupid but I wonder if it is suitable to use OE spark plug designated for M111 (A003 159 75 03) for M112 (A004 159 50 03)?? They are the same gap (1.0mm)and yes they are different part numbers and different engines but what are other facts and figures that make them different...
  5. K

    W203, 220 cdi Knocking Engine/#1 cyl not working

    Hi People, I`m new to this forum & I need some help I have a 55 plate 220 cdi with 162k on the clock, recently the turbo gave out and the car shut down, Im no mug when it comes to fixing anything mechanical but this has now got me beaten. I changed the turbo, cleaned out the intercooler and...
  6. H

    w124 engine swap, 4 to 6 cyl?

    Hello im new here, I have a 230ce coupe (will post up pic later today in own car forum) I am thinking of buying a 300e ive seen cheap (£300) with MOT and good engine, is there any major issue you guys can see me having if swapping over the engine/gearbox complete. I do understand that it would...
  7. B

    W202 (C180) cyl head gasket

    My wife's trusty C180 has been leaking coolant slightly. It was improved with K-seal. Just failed MoT due to lambda sensor being taken out by coolant in the exhaust. If anyone has pics or data about changing the head gasket, please help. I'm tempted to try and re-torque the headbolts. I've...
  8. C

    w202 2.5 td 5 cyl problems

    Right this is a long story cut short, i bought a car ('99 c250 td), the oil cooler leaked, i took it back and the guy fixed the oil cooler. 34 miles later its knocking its nuts off. i rekon its a big end. (Theres white metal in the oil filter now). i turned it off as soon as it started knocking...
  9. T

    Whats the highest mileage on a 5 Cyl 270 CDi

    Whats the highest mileage on a 5 Cyl 270 CDi? Just qurious. I will post this on the other site as well as on here
  10. nickg

    To all 6 and 8 cyl owners between 6/2001 and 11/2004

    Worldwide Recall - from Honest John website 31-3-2005: Worldwide Recall: On vehicles with six and eight-cylinder petrol engines built between June 2001 and November 2004 the voltage regulator in the alternator is being checked and if necessary replaced. On E-Class and CLS-Class models made from...
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