1. turbominor

    damage to dash.. how to fix

    as i shut the door on my w202 last night i heard the plastic cigarette lighter plug of my gps shatter between the edge of the dash and the top of the door trim.... ( last time i curl it around the cradle) :( :mad: :crazy: this morning the dash edge by the vent was pressed in and out of...
  2. Barryh

    Damage to SLK

    My wife`s SLK was scraped by a taxi whilst her car was stationary.I am able to use whatever bodyshop I like.A friend of mine who worked fo the local stealership told me not to use their bodyshop.They often sent work to a Vauxhall bodyshop several miles away whom many staff are long time served...
  3. andreas_t

    Can Oil Overfill damage MAS Sensor

    Folks, I'm after a bit of advice. I have a 2001 E220 CDI (82K miles) which seems to be demonstrating all the problems of a failed MAS sensor (very sluggish off the mark when cold, rattly when hot or cold). I am about to take it to the dealer for a check (and bad news). I am however wondering...
  4. S

    Storm Damage

    Hi all, My 230CLK has had a bit of a run in with half the neighborhood trees and other flying debris in birmingham and has gone from a pristine vehicle to a dented, scuffed, scratched and smashed state.. :crazy: Its got FSH and covered under Mobilife(?) - spoke to my insurers and they...
  5. big x

    Cat-d Damage

    Can someone clue me in on what sort of damage ratings insurance companies use, for example if a repaired car is offered on Ebay as catagory-d damage ? thanx adam
  6. N

    W211 Wing Mirror damage

    Hi all, I've managed to clip the wing mirror of a parked car. :( Pleasingly, no damage was done to the other car. Less pleasingly, the transparent "indicator" cover on mine is broken. All other bits work, eg: electric adjust, electric folding, indicator leds - although I can't really...
  7. marcos

    Car Park Damage

    Took my daughter swimming as usual this morning and as we returned to the car I noticed some moron had parked next to my car. Nothing unusual about this other than the fact I had parked miles away from any other cars and the section of car park I was in was completely empty apart from my car and...
  8. C

    Damage to repair

    The other half has had an off road excursion this morning, does not appear to be much damage, I think most of it was caused when they pulled it back onto the road. It had pulled the lower part of the front bumper/spoiler forwards but I have managed to clip it back into place apart from the end...
  9. guydewdney

    can I damage my box if I....

    hold it on the brakes, rev it, then drop the brakes? I dont think so - but correct me if im wrong.. see the driveby vid thread as to why ;)
  10. Jukie

    Jump-start damage??

    1) What damage, if any, can you do to ECUs when you jump-start a car? 2) Does anyone know how I can get hold of a wiring diagram for a E320 CDi, specifically for the cruise control with speed limiter? My cruise is knackered to the extent that it won't let my mechanic code it. He thinks the...
  11. R

    Second Hand Bmw/Volvo's For Sale, Slight water damage though....

    For Sale I don't know how that affects the corrosion warranty.
  12. J

    Rodent Damage

    All, I own a 3 year old MB C 200 K. The advent of a hot summer and mild Autumn has radically increased the wood mouse population within the woodland that surrounds my home. Last week I experienced a mouse attack on the plastic armoured cable that connects to the cam box sensor used among'st...
  13. bloodmoon

    Feline body damage

    Grrr, The damn cat has scratched my front wing when it clambered up the side to get onto the nice warm bonnet. It left 3 long, not very deep, gashes that stand out a mile. What is the best product to use to remove shallow scrapes such as these? T-Cut? or smthn like Meguiars Deep Crystal...
  14. Koolvin

    mofo will die for the damage

    a bycicle done this at work, security will examine the CCTV to see if it is a staff member.
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