1. D

    Damage To Side Panels

    I have a CLC in Obsidian Black. It looks like a shopping trolley has gone down the side of my car. It isn't scratched as such but it looks more like it has 'bruised' the lacquer. How would I deal with this. Do I use some black T-Cut, try polishing it out with wax? Thanks.
  2. mark44

    Damage free tyre change?

    What is the safest way to avoid alloy damage when having your tyres changed? Obviously going somewhere you have been before and not had a problem is one possibility, but is there a superior type of tyre extractor a fitter should be using or technique I should ask if they do? About to do a...
  3. D

    For those who think a Cat D is "light" damage..

    Contrary to popular opinion, a Cat D doesn't mean the damage was minimal... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322559985565
  4. Steve320

    How much damage?!?

    A cat D car only registered in 2015. Without accident possibly worth about £34000 - and written off. Put back on the road? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201705315991062
  5. markjay

    Damage to wood trim lacquer

    See attached photo... it looks like condensation or haze but it is in fact scratches to the top coat. Someone must have tried cleaning it using the wrong materials. What's the best way of sorting it, short of buying a second-hand ash tray cover from eBay (which would be my next move if I fail...
  6. D

    CLC 2008 (CL203) Wiring Harness possibly damage causing U0101 & Limp Mode

    Help and advice would be very much appreciated. Having some automatic transmission issue causing the car to go Limp mode. Car would drive but 30min into drive and the gear indicator and driving mode (P,N,R, D & C,S,M) in dash would disappear and reappear intermittently but would end up...
  7. dddooommm

    SPARES OR REPAIRS: W204 C class 2008 silver black leather 1.8 slight damage Amg alloy

    ★★★Mercedes c class 2008 silver black leathers. Slightly damaged ★★★ ---------★Well looked after★ Genuine Sale★ Easy Fix ★----------- Ebay item 99p start no reserve. Mercedes c class 2008 AMG silver black leather 1.8 c63 slight damage repairable | eBay Price: offers over £3000...
  8. dddooommm

    C class 2008 silver black leather 1.8 slight damage repairable w204 Amg alloys

    ★★★Mercedes c class 2008 silver black leathers. Slightly damaged ★★★ ---------★Well looked after★ Genuine Sale★ Easy Fix ★----------- Ebay item 99p start no reserve. Mercedes c class 2008 AMG silver black leather 1.8 c63 slight damage repairable | eBay Price: offers over £3000...
  9. T

    Using Heat to repair spoiler damage ?

    Heres the Damage few mph on a low kerb in car park underside its deformed in and this has pushed the front face out what I'm wondering is whether I can use a heat gun and some wooden blocks to get it back to near its original shape Its my sons BMW 335i. Any Tips ??? current thinking is nothing...
  10. P

    S204 tailgate damage

    Apologies this is not in the bodywork section but the iPhone app won't let you create a new thread in that section. Anyways the mrs managed to reverse into somebody's tow hitch last night putting a decent dent in the tailgate of our S204 estate. Luckily the dent is in the metal and the plastic...
  11. Grovsie31

    XKR 5.0 Light damage

  12. DSB SL AMG

    SLS AMG Slight Water Damage...

    :eek::crazy: IMAGINE: You Order A 571HP MERCEDES SLS Worth Over $220,000 & NEVER GET IT!!! SEE WHY! - StreetRiders
  13. V

    Failing to Stop - Car Damage

    So i come back after work to find my car wheel arch and bumper has been scratched due to some little idiot [another merc driver unfortunately] who was unable to park properly/reverse onto a space on the road. it was witnessed by a onlooker who was kind enough to leave me his contact details...
  14. moonloops

    3.0 L OM642 Diesel V6 - potential hose damage

    Anyone with this engine should check the power steering hose that runs around the front right (offside) of the engine cover. The cover has a very sharp lip and on my car it had eaten through the "protective" shroud on the hose and had started to eat into the hose itself. Given that my car...
  15. A

    Remapping ML63 - will it damage my car

    RTEC have advised they can take the BHP to 620 and Torgue to 655 Will this damage the car - 2012 W166 model Thanks
  16. markjay

    Car Wash Damage :(

    Car wash today:
  17. S

    C63 wheels Pothole damage

    Interesting read.... Southampton driver plans to sue his local council because potholes caused £3,000 of damage to his Mercedes car | Daily Mail Online
  18. David404

    Wheel Damage

    OK so I was a bit too slow to avoid a chunk of debris on the motorway. See pic for damage to inside or wheel rim, guess I'll be visiting the wheel repair shop tomorrow but any thoughts, repairable or not?
  19. A

    Bizarre damage

    Just gave my car a quick wash after a round trip to Newcastle (300 mile) and spotted this? Looks like damage from a wheel brace? Only had the car back since last Thursday. As MB has had my car in for a problem with overheating. When I picked up and spoke to the guy with all the paper work...
  20. A

    Alloy damage - repair or new?

    Hi all, Whilst avoiding a 7.5tonne box van on a building site this morning, I did this to one of my Himalayan Grey 16 spoke 19inch alloy. I've just received a quote from Merc of £569.05 to get it replaced, and they've said over the phone that they wouldn't advise a repair on this car (although...
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