1. MancMike

    Can someone get a data card from a licence plate?

    Hi, I don't know if those who get data cards need the vin number, I'm sure it's been done from just a licence plate before. If so, can someone help me with the card for BJ12 HKF? Thanks.
  2. C

    MB Technical Data Manual Passenger Cars 2006/2007

    MB Technical Data Manual Passenger Cars 2006/2007 This is a dealer-only manual and covers tech specs (1110 pages) for the following models: 164, 169, 171, 203, 209, 211, 216, 219, 221, 230, 245, 251 I have 2 of these manuals available - £25 posted each.
  3. BillyW124

    Vin data card request

    Morning chaps WDD2040232A698939 Ta Billy
  4. mercmancdi

    Anyone do data card

    Hi ,any one do data card or send me to site for it , I had it but lost it . Thanks
  5. C

    2014 SLK Fuse data map

    Hi Just got a 2014 SLK250 and want to wire my Dashcam to a switched fuse. Does anyone have a fuse diagram they could share? I had the dashcam in my E Class and the fusebox in the boot housed the switched fuses. All the fuses in the boot on the SLK seem to have permanent feed supply Thanks
  6. Windwalker

    Vin Data card request

    Could some kind person please post my vin data please WDD2043032G4395982 Many thanks in advance David
  7. Torque Steer

    Vehicle build spec Data card

    Hi there, could someone please provide the data card details for my C180 cgi 2011. Vin no.WDD2042492F661582 Many thanks Paul
  8. S

    No data connection to car (C43 Coupe)

    Had handover yesterday, and left without the data connection to the car working. Car is registered with Mercedes me, but the services show "activating" rather than active. When i try to access internet it says there is no data connection to the car, and when I start the car I get a "SOS not...
  9. X

    Data Card

    Hi. I wonder if someone can tell me what packages this car came out the factory with. Vin: WDD2189262A176002 Reg: LC65 WJG Thanks
  10. S

    New purchase - Help with Data Card please?

    Hi All, I'm a newbie to the forum - have been an active member previosuly on both the E90 and Audi TT forum! Nice to meet you all. We pick up our car tomorrow - a 2013 ML250 CDI BlueTEC Special Edition in Diamond white! I've been reading on here and others have said that they can ge...
  11. AndyKO

    Data Card?

    Evening people. Does anyone know where I can get/see a copy of my vehicle datacard please guys? Ta! Andy
  12. brucemillar

    Mushroom Leather Sportline Data Card Code

    Hi Can anybody please advise the "data card code" for a W124 - Sportline Mushroom Leather Interior? This is a Seven Seat variant I'm not sure if that matters? Many Thanks Bruce
  13. H

    Mercedes Me App - Some data missing

    I'm a new owner of a E220d Premium and have all the non-extra fee services enabled. On my app, I have "- -" against Brake Linings Brake Fluid Coolant Washer Fluid All other data is working (after a couple of back end tweeks by the app support team). Any other drivers have this info...
  14. A

    New S Class phone & data

    Hi guys I have just got a new S Class S350d and I am very pleased with it. I managed to do the bluetooth connection but I don't seem to be able to do the Apps/web stuff. Do I need to use NFC for that? If so, how do I connect? It is all about bit beyond me to tell the truth. Thanks in...
  15. D

    Data Label Question

    I have a 2015 C 250 AMG line. I assume it is a W205. I notice on the data label on the door jam and in the logbook the 'Type' is given as 204. Is this normal? I hope!
  16. dad4geer

    Access data setup

    Hi all, new to the forum and I am still getting on with my new Merc C180 W204 which I bought last week. I was wondering if someone can point me in my right direction regarding setting up access data through COMAND system. My phone is already connected through bluetooth and incoming/outgoing...
  17. spinaltap

    SD Card Navigation Data?

    While my W169 is in the bodyshop, I've been loaned a 65 reg B180D Sport. There's no user manual in the car, and I can't find the answer to my query online. There's an integral navigation system in the car, but there's no supplied SD card with the requisite navigation data on it to insert...
  18. Dave Richardson

    Data Card Request.

    I hope this is the correct section in which to post. I'm looking for the details on BV05 HBD vin number is WDD1693072J123371 Thank you in advance David
  19. C

    Data Card Build Spec and Power Output

    Hi all, first post, new to Mercedes (apart from a very brief spell with a SLK) and have a UK 2010 registered (built early 2011) E Class 350 CDi Sport being delivered on Monday. Could someone kindly provide me with the data card and confirm the options and power output, (I want to make sure...
  20. Farmer boy

    S205 Airmatic Vehicle data

    Last week I sat waiting for my wife and with nothing better to do started playing with car settings. I have found both the paper instruction book and the inbuilt system in the command system none too helpful. So slowly I keep playing to try out settings. In the Comand system Favourites Menu...
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