1. A

    Retinitis Pigmentosa Symptoms, Definition, Causes, treatment

    Retinitis pigmentosa is a medical term used to describe an eye disease in which there is damage done to the retina. Quick Facts Retinitis Pigmentosa is the kind of medical condition that involves damage to the retina in the eye It is essentially an eye disease in which retina is...
  2. Sbryantgb

    Option definition (W124)

    Below is the data card for my coupe, I'm curious as to the sports chassis option (highlighted in red). Is this the same as sportsline chassis? The main reason I'm asking is I want to buy new shocks. Sales designation: E320C Order number: 0 5 537 74060 Paint code 1: 744 DARK BLUE SOFT TOP...
  3. Londonscottish

    Definition of W211`C Service

    Hi, Where can I find the definition of the C Service for a 2005 W211? The service indicator tells me a C service is due but when I looked at the service book the services are numbered from 1-13. I'm assuming that to keep the Mobilo running I should get a C done at a stealers (though...
  4. Alfie

    Definition of an adolescent

    The word 'adolescent' comes from one of two Latin verbs spelt adoleo. One means 'to make bigger' and the other means 'to emit a smell' Spotted just now on the BBC website:)
  5. dokalj

    Definition of a Specialist

    Hi all, Could everyone just clear up what a Mercedes Specialist should provide. I thought an MB Specialist should do the following: Use Genuine parts Have knowledge of working on MB vehicles with previous experience from the dealership. Knowledge of diagnostic's Allow the customer to see...
  6. The Boss

    Has our definition of "High Quality" changed?

    Just a question.... but like, we talk about the high quality of yesteryear and we talk about how the new cars are high quality.. but what is high quality today? the fact it feels soft and spongy? the fact it has design flair? the fact the screws stay in place for longer? I dunno, but...
  7. blondebier

    High Definition Video cameras

    After a bit of umming and arring, I bit the bullet and bought a HD video camera... a Sony HDR-CX11E. (Looks like a nice piece of kit.) I'd like to get some more memory for it and this looks like a potential mine field. 1) It says that the recording media is Memory Stick DUO. Does this restrict...
  8. carnut

    Definition of a Supercar

    Reading my copy of Evo this morning an article on Lotus Evora mentions that there is an official definition of a Supercar based on its acceleration; the "supercar" then comes into a special dispensation for exhaust noise etc Does anyone know just what this acceleration time is?:) and if so...
  9. mark.t

    Hi Definition Tv

    What do we all think of it and what are we watching in..... being a virgin media customer we get 720 wide .... but have decided that HDMI up -scaling is just as good .... the LCD TV that I have is supposed to be better at dealing with hi def pictures and is supposed to produce a better picture...
  10. nickg

    High definition TV

    I've got the HD Ready plasma (pioneer 435) So I need to think about replacing by faithfull Pioneer all in one home cinema (dvd, 5.1 amp and 5 speakers) system with something new that has: - HD dvd player - will have all the necessary connections for existing Sky + box and soon to be...
  11. marc777

    Anyone bought a HD (High definition) TV yet?

    Looking to change the TV and have just read the excellent Plasma thread that started just before Chrsitmas. A Mine of information. Remaining question is whether there are any do's and don'ts for buying an HD ready TV. One of threads suggested that not all compatible. Anyone done any reasearch...
  12. Santa

    ScoobyNetters definition of MB drivers

    They are running a thread over on ScoobyNet, where you have to provide a 1-word description that portrays the drivers of all the main car manufacturers. Below is the list of all the words (so far) for us MB drivers. Snobbish tw*t Could not afford a Bently dull. AMG=masterrace...
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