1. Jay2512

    GLC220d Sport demo car

    For those interested, pictures of the GLC220d Sport with off road pack and ILS lights.
  2. D

    Currently got a c200 amg on demo - some questions if I may

    Currently got a c200 amg on demo - some questions if I may Got a c200 amg trim auto on demo at the moment from Thursday to Monday. Got a few questions.. Radio, can I select fm only as a lot of the dab ones it's showing have no signal in the valley. Not that I want to... But how do you...
  3. grumpyoldgit

    Mercedes AutoBrake Demo

  4. M

    Ultimate 50/50 and crystal lacquer coating demo.

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would share with you the ultimate 50/50 I demo'ed at the mbclub open day we had late last year at the studio. Well worth the look at what can be fixed: Gemclean Detailing-Ultimate 50/50 - YouTube The corrected side was the crystal lacquered & hydrophobic coating...
  5. M

    G-Techniq EXO Hybrid Coating Mini Demo

    Hi Guys 29 Days ago I applied EXO Hybrid Coating to the bonnet. The van has not been washed/touched since this date so the bonnet also has 29 days of road grime and contaminants on top of the coating. But as you can see it still has great beading elements. The front windscreen had G1 applied...
  6. Matt@Felsham

    Purchased - Ex Demo C250 CDI (Slight disappointment!)

    Hi all, Some of you may remember that I was chopping in my 57 C320 CDI Sport for a 2011 "ex demo" C250 CDI Sport 125 Edidtion this friday. It is a great car, but I regret not having full leather and going back to the 4 pot. It's certainly quick off the mark but a totally different drive...
  7. BoyracerAU

    Becker demo tape someone?

    Hi All, In 1980 my late father took delivery of a new W123 300TD. Along with the car came a grey audio cassette with black writing on a red sticker from Becker. This tape was not an instructional tape. It just had music on it and it was music only, there was no singing at all. In recent...
  8. gurpz

    Caraudiosecurity Demo Pick Up For Sale

    Their showroom demo Chevy pick up is for sale with all the gear included: Only the very best equipment has been used and no wonder this thing produces some madd bass.
  9. Guy

    CL63 Demo

    I was lucky enough to have this demonstrator for 24 hours... It's a wonderful car to drive - the only disappointment in the 24 hours was taking it back to the dealership. The performance is awesome; the new engine and gearbox work brilliantly - the seamless acceleration goes on and...
  10. GrahamC230K

    Look at this Demo Car E-Class SatNav install

    Whilst browsing I stumbled accross this site: Check out their stealth SatNav install in their demo E-Class
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