1. Igurisu

    Do cabriolets really depreciate much during the winter?

    Hi all, my search for my CLK is becoming more earnest as I plan to buy sometime between January to March (maybe earlier if a bargin appears). I've narrowed my choice to a 320 CDI or a 200k Cabriolet. To be honest would prefer the cab but trying not to restrict my choice too much so its easier...
  2. T

    How much would a C180K depreciate over time?

    Am looking at a C180K Evo Panoramic Sports Edition, 40k miles approx, year 2003. Wondering - how much do you reckon it will depreciate every year (roughly speaking)? Assume yearly servicing and full care of the car. Very much a weekend toy so driven 2k miles/yr. Mkt value £9k approx...
  3. jahewitt

    advice - car that won't depreciate too much !!!

    Hi there I am giving my brother some advice. His current car was on a 12k lease- he has changed job and now does 20-25k per year -ouch !! He therefore wants to change the car. This is his second Jeep Grand Cherokee. The key aim is to buy a 2nd hand car (a nice one) that has already...
  4. Shude

    Family cars 'depreciate quickest'

    Just heard this on the radio 2 business news: Here is the page on BBC's news site: Family cars 'depreciate quickest' It's not like we didn't know it, but it's nice to be reminded isn't it? :)
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