1. SEM

    ISP Mobile Dialup

    Does anyone use a PAYG dial up service, using laptop and Mobile phone as a modem while you are abroad or remote? I'm looking to access internet while away where there is no landline. Lots of ISP's are land line only from a BT line etc, and i dont really want to install AOL. Only other...
  2. imadoofus

    Broadband Dial-up

    Morning all. Flying visit only. I have a neeed to install some remotely accessible CCTV cameras. I've seen that you can buy some with a built-in modem, that you can dial-up from anywhere. How do you do dial-up from a Broadband connected pc? Is there another solution using IP addresses...
  3. D

    Dial-up tones

    Hi Guys, Some time ago I asked if anyone knew how to enable the dial-up tones you get from the modem when you are dialling out. No reply was received so I guessed it wasn't possible on an XP notebook. Just had to clean and re-load all the stuff on my system and guess what? The dial tones are...
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