1. Makdissy

    Mercedes workshop directory ( help )

    Hi everyone Anyone ever spotted or had a Mercedes workshop directory for the year 1993 ????? Or were they printed every so many years !!!!! I can see them on eBay from time to time but never seen one for 1993, it's always either 1991 or 1994 , it's driving me crazy :wallbash: Many thanks Peter
  2. S

    Another 'EU ' directory scam

    Now, I've never fallen for one but I'm sure that plenty do. It seems as though they do the rounds every now and again and I received this one this morning. £797 annually for the privilege.
  3. Godot

    Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)

    Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)
  4. Spinal

    Nix Directory Permissions

    Hopefully a fast one... In this example: \foo\bar\file.txt foo: drwxrwxrwx bar: drwxr-xr-x file.txt: drwx------ So in essence, only the owner can access the file... right? Or can someone edit the permissions as the directory above is editable? I know this is a simple one, but...
  5. grober

    MB technology directory

    Every so often in my wanderings on the net I come across little compilation sites. MB Spy was one fondly remembered. Here's another entitled MB Technology Directory with lots of links to HOW TO's for various MB models. Some links are dead but other's are not. At the bottom is a list of links...
  6. grober

    Mercedes Owners Association Directory

    For those on the forum that are unaware of the "dark side" ;) the Mercedes Benz Owners Association have just published their 6th Directory online. Useful compilation of contacts for all Mercedes Owners. :thumb: Mercedes Owner Directory - March 2010 digital edition
  7. M

    Mobile Directory

    Just passing on info i recieved form my HR department.... Maybe you have heard about this but early next week all UK mobiles will be on a directory which will mean that anyone will be able to access the numbers. It is easy to unsubscribe but it must be done before the beginning of next week...
  8. GordonTarling

    Directory Enquiries

    Is anyone here registered for's premium service? I need to find someone's address/ phone number and when I search, it appears to find the right person, but tells me that I need credits with them to use the premium service. I'd gladly sign up, but it won't let you pay for just the one...
  9. chriswt

    Top Gear Test Drive directory

    Who needs car salesmen to talk rubbish when the Top Gear test drive directory has plenty on mistakes within its pages. Does the Audi S4 really have 3.2 engine? Do they still produce a 3.7 A8? May be I'm a sad car geek but what is the point producing a 'Clarkson' endorsed directory when...
  10. Mr Gee

    Active Directory

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a good book on learning Active Directory please. Thanks :rolleyes:
  11. A

    Help for Ash - Hospitality Directory - Submit a Link

    I've been trying to get a links directory working on my web site and it seems to be always coming up with new errors, I would be grateful if anyone could help test it for me. I asking anyone and everyone to post a test URL @ Hospitality Directory - Submit a Link and then make a quick post back...
  12. glojo

    Directory Enquiries

    Following a very interesting thread last night it became apparant that at least one member is not aware that you can use Directory Enquiries for FREE on the Internet. BT frequently change their home page, but at present you will find the link in the bottom left corner of this site...
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