1. G

    later 211 wing mirror dismantling

    I've been studying an earlier thread on 211 wing mirrors which seem a little different (2003/4) to my 2007 estate version. I'm looking to replace a cracked indicator and wondered if anyone here has done the job and has any advice about getting the painted cover off. TIA Godfrey
  2. SilverSaloon

    W124 indicator stalk dismantling

    hi is there a way to dismantle the indicator/wiper stalk without removing the steering wheel? all i want to do is replace the plastic trim where the images/writing is on with a replacement. it appears the end "cap" may prise of? can anyone confirm before i start hacking at it with my...
  3. B

    e320cdi injector dismantling

    Today I started to tackle a couple of leaky injector seals on my W210.I have new seals/stretch bolts,injector grease and a tap from Hudson precision to clean up the threads. I soaked overnight in coke and took it for a run to heat the engine and have spent the past couple of hours wiggling the...
  4. I

    Dismantling trim on a W129 SL

    I'd like to dismantle certain parts of the door trim and central console 1. Dig out the roller cassette bin cover from its 'in the console' grave 2. examine the blown speakers 3. run a few wires from the POS cassette player to jack in an iPod 4. replace wood trim Is it a serious job or...
  5. M

    Dismantling Comand unit

    Anyone know how I dismantle the Comand 2.0 unit so I can get into it and clean the CD mechanism? Also, what are the correct tools required, torx size etc? Thanks
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