1. XJ600

    Doggy net

    Morning all, Does anyone know if the retractable pull up net is available as a part, mine has been chewed, :( 2011 s204 Thanks
  2. P

    Doggy guards c estate W203

    I suspect the mesh roller guard that pulls up from the load cover on my estate is NOT a satisfactory dog guard, our poodle pup can sneak round the gap at the side. Before investigating proper metal guards, does anyone know if the proper merc half-height one leaves any lasting damage to the...
  3. ringway

    Doggy dazzler!

    I saw this shop today in Cheadle Village. I had to explain to the two ladies who own the place why I was taking a photograph of their shop. :o Is there a private side to Bobby Dazzler that we don't know about? Is "Doggy" Dazzler perhaps an instruction? :eek: The Mind...
  4. troiscentmille

    Doggy SEC look w201 in Paris!

    ooohhh err! next stop, the dark continent for this ol' heap! actually quite tidy for a Paris based 20 yr old! But that bonnets beyond awful , n'est pas mes amis?:eek:
  5. A

    One for the doggy lovers out there

    We have just picked up a new addition to our family! :bannana: Meet "Sam" :D
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