1. M

    ...And another possible rescue-job (or donor)

    E55 AMG estate; may be rescue-able, or may be a good source of parts for someone: Mercedes Benz E55 AMG 7 Seater Spares Only | eBay I'm a little more suspicious of this one but the price is pretty darned good, even if it will need the steering wheel, speedo, AMG logos, etc replaced. Seller...
  2. Davycc

    Donor car

    Hi all, Quick question. I have the opportunity to strip a 2001 S500 before its scrapped. The car has only 100k but has not moved in a couple of years. Question. Is there anything other than bulbs fuses etc that would be worth stripping that would be of use for a 2001 C320 I'm thinking...
  3. 3

    cheap donor cl500

    if anyones after one of these they don't come up very often as spares or repairs
  4. A

    W123 project or donor car

    Hi I'm after a w123 estate as a project or a donor car. If anyone can help let me know. Thanks Ash
  5. aka$h

    W210 e55 running donor car £1200

    Took a w210 1998/S E55 AMG in p/x this week. It's got 142k on the clock, scabby bodywork but would make a good donor car/project car. Ill try and add some photos later. PM me for more info.
  6. Charles Morgan

    What to do with my W126 donor car?

    I bought a W126 420SE to provide an engine and gearbox to transplant into my W114 coupe, but I decided against doing it for a variety of reasons. The car, a nice silver sand with mushroom leather turned up on Friday. No MOT, handbrake is not working properly so is stuck on a bit, brake pads...
  7. W

    e320 donor e300d om606 n/a to turbo conversion

    i have bought my first 2 benz 1996 e320 and a 300d with the om606 here is my plan e320 has perfect body with slk55 rims the 300d is a rust bucket but underneath a beauty both have blown head gaskets . now here is what i want to accomplish e320 pull motor put the om606 in it with a...
  8. Pittsey

    W210 E55 for spares / repair (Donor engine)

    MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO ESTATE E55 AMG 354BHP GENUINE E55 ESTATE SPARES OR REPAIR | eBay E55 estate that has been a CAT C. Probably only worth 1k, as we have seen mint ones struggle to reach 2k on ebay recently. Anyone looking for a 5.5 for a conversion. Might be worth a look.
  9. abecketts

    mercedes 190 2.3 donor vehicle perhaps?

    Hi all, this is just down the road from me, might be good for parts. Paul http://
  10. J

    W202 Donor Car

    I've finally got my 202 just about as perfect for me as I can. Now I want a donor car. Post Facelift. As there's three dents in my bonnet, my boot lid has been bumped off something at one point too. I don't care what colour, just good condition without much rust. Obviously Engine...
  11. BillyW124

    W124 Donor strip

    Hello Chaps, Decided to get busy today.... Get ready to see the carnage! For anyone interested in what a 124 coupe looks like when the interior is ripped out, ive taken some pics. Crazy the way these are built, there is a purpose for each nut, screw, clip.... u name it. To get one thing...
  12. Palfrem

    Carry a Donor Card

    Video - ITV Player Just watched this on catch-up. Very moving. The surgeon is the guy who did my by-pass at the QE back in June. What a man. Carrying a Donor Card is a small thing, but means a huge amount to the patients here. You know it makes sense. Thank you.
  13. A160DSB

    Need a donor A210

    can be Written off Anyone see's one, let me know :)
  14. andy27168

    Breaking E55 possible donor engine

    Saw this £1500 for the whole car without front bumper and wheels perfect for a donor conversion, break the rest of the car engine could end up owing you peanuts. mercedes e55 amg breaking, on eBay (end time 11-Dec-10 12:37:44 GMT)
  15. D

    E Reg coupe donor found....Vin# mystery

    I was asked yesturday by a good friend ''want another Merk like yours?'' I hesitated like he was going to try the good old ''sell yours then try find another'' line and was reminded how the seller I got mine from has been hounding me to sell it back to him because he's spent over a year trying...
  16. NW_Merc

    Cheap W202 donor car - leather interior Pre-facelift
  17. D

    Heard on the radio about organ donor.

    Didn't they changed the regulation recently, they will use your organs by default? I can see registration for organ donor, what about withdrawal, what do I do? :crazy:
  18. N

    FS: 1992 190D 2.5 partially stripped donor car.

    I need space for another Cosworth so my partially stripped 190D 2.5 donor car must go. It'll weigh in for about £160 & I'm looking for £275. It's a K reg car with IIRC 220,000 miles and SH up to 197,000 with oil changes every 6K. The PO said he'd serviced it himself thereafter & I tend to...
  19. N

    W123 230CE donor car with v. sound low mile engine

    Not my car, thought might suit someone looking to transplant an engine. Breaker or Cosavitch would want 8-900 quid for engine alone!
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