1. R

    SL R230 Folding Roof - Droopy Flaps

    Never thought I'd post to say I have droopy flaps but sadly I do and I need help quick please!! The issue is that the folding roof on my 57 reg SL350 (R230 model) stops mid cycle due to the flaps either side drooping down and the microswitches not staying on. I've looked around online and it...
  2. Mercsys

    Droopy louver!

    Hi all, I have a 210 with a droopy louver in my centre dash vent, I am sure I can fix the louver once I get the unit out of the dash!! Any help most welcome, does it just pull out or are there fixings, dash holding it in… J :cool:
  3. A

    Droopy boot

    One of the things I liked when I got the car was the ability to open the boot with the key fob, but as each week went by it began to open less and less wide until, after 3 months it opens barely a couple of inches. Is there an adjuster or does it mean another trip to the dealer waving my...
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